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Breathing Difficulties
Breathing difficulty describes discomfort when breathing, and the feeling that you cannot draw a breath. If you're unable to breathe in enough oxygen, your fingernails and lips may turn blue.
Source: healthline.com


Breathless is a 1960 French film written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard about a wandering criminal (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his American girlfriend (Jean ...


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Crime · A small-time thief steals a car and impulsively murders a motorcycle policeman. Wanted ... Breathless -- Three Reasons Criterion Collection trailer ...


There was before Breathless, and there was after Breathless. Jean-Luc Godard burst onto the film scene in 1960 with this jazzy, free-form, and sexy homage to ...


The heady threats of sex and ambition affect doctors and nurses alike in Breathless, where perfect lives are built on lies, and everything depends upon guilty ...

Jun 11, 2010 ... Released 25th June 2010 in cinemas On DVD/Blu-ray September 13th New theatrical trailer for Godard's BREATHLESS, produced in 2010 (for ...


Breathless definition, without breath or breathing with difficulty; gasping; panting: We were breathless after the steep climb. See more.


breathless (comparative more breathless, superlative most breathless). Having difficulty breathing; gasping. That makes one hold one's breath (with excitement ...


May 21, 2010 ... After 50 years, Jean-Luc Godard's “Breathless” still defies conventional expectations about what a movie should be.