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A fancy mouse is a domesticated form of the house mouse (Mus musculus), usually bred as a pet. Fancy mice are also called "feeder mice" when they are sold as frozen food for carnivorous pet animals such as snakes.


There are several reasons one would breed mice ranging from a desire to raise ... Snake owners are the primary and potential buyers to buy your mice to feed ...


In any event if you are going to breed mice in numbers to feed a snake collection you will need several cages. It is therefore best to have the mice in a well ...

Aug 9, 2009 ... Mice breeding for snakes! (HQ) ... decided to make our own "mice factory, so we don't have to buy them every time we want to feed our snakes.


Regardless of the reason you breed mice it is essential that the correct care and .... feed your animals, mice when thawed should be offered to snakes with tongs ...


The mice must also be fed and this cost should be figured into the factor when ... The first thing to note when raising and breeding feeder mice is that they should ...


Most people who have snakes and other carnivorous reptiles as pets have to breed mice so their snakes will feed. It's much cheaper for them ...


May 27, 2015 ... ... collector jailed after breeding mice and rats as food for pet snakes in ... rodents in squalid conditions to feed his pet snakes has been jailed ...


does anyone here breed their own snake food?...the mice/rats. i am ... prey & i cant find tongs long enough to feed the snake a dead mouse/rat.


Ive been considering starting my own setup of breeding mice or rats (but the family isn't exactly ... Two snakes are not expensive to feed.