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Martin Brian Mulroney PC CC GOQ (born March 20, 1939) is a Canadian politician who served as the 18th Prime Minister of Canada from September 17, 1984, to June 25, 1993. His tenure as prime minister was marked by the introduction of major ..... Years later, Mulroney said that his biggest error as Prime Minister had been ...


How many years does the Prime Minister serve in Spain? The Head of Government in Spain is called the President of the Covernment (Presidente del Gobierno) ...


Apr 5, 2017 ... As prime minister, Mulroney sought closer cooperation with the United ... During the early years of his administration Canada's economic growth ... Can Eating Too Many Carrots Make Your Skin Turn Orange? ... The head of government in a country with a parliamentary or semipresidential political system.


Apr 30, 2004 ... Former Canadian prime minister and globetrotting rainmaker Brian Mulroney - a .... Bush Sr.'s vice-president, who heads the hedge fund's international ... Brian Mulroney was introduced to the realities of global business long ...


Jun 2, 2015 ... As prime minister and leader of the Progressive Conservative party, Brian ... in persuading many Québec nationalists to support the Conservatives. ... The first two years of Brian Mulroney's administration were marked by ...


Nov 8, 2016 ... Learn all about prime ministers and presidents with these fun facts and ... which in this case is the Liberal Party, and the head of government. ... that means there's no time limit for how long someone can be prime minister. ... in the nineties when she took over for Brian Mulroney who was retiring from politics.


Apr 20, 2006 ... Former prime minister Brian Mulroney holds up a gift given to him ... Former Liberal environment minister Sheila Copps shared the head table with ... award that coaxed him to return to Ottawa for the first time in many years.


Brian Mulroney was born in 1939 in a small town called Baie-Comeau, in the province of ... “The summers were fleeting, and the winters long and bitterly cold,” he says. ... and then head out into the cold winter nights to fix someone's oil burner or wire ... He became campus prime minister in the Model Parliament in 1958.


Brian Mulroney's nine years as prime minister were ones of intense public debate ... over the next nine years, the Mulroney government would make a number of .... ¹ In fact, Mulroney's first choice to head the Department of Environment was ...


Mar 1, 2011 ... In August 1943, Roosevelt returned to Canada for the week-long ... They saw each other only four times in their five years together as heads of government. .... When Brian Mulroney became prime minister in 1984, Reagan ...