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Bring It On Cheer lyrics by Bring It On: "I said: brr... It's cold in here / There must be some Cowboys in the at-mos-phere / I said:


Lyrics of TORO'S MAIN CHEER by Bring It On: I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot, I'm bitchen great hair, The boys all love to stare, I'm wanted I'm hot, ...


I'm sexy, I'm cute. I'm popular to boot. I'm bitchin', great hair. The boys all love to stare. I'm wanted, I'm hot. I'm everything you're not. I'm pretty, I'm cool

Dec 12, 2008 ... Bring It On. Comedy · 2000 · PG-13. Watch from $2.99. Kirsten Dunst stars as a cheerleading captain who discovers that her team's routines ...


The cheerleading cheers in Bring It On have a sassy pizazz that have made this series of movies popular. While you can't exactly use the cheers as they are, you  ...


Oct 14, 2015 ... If you thought the cheers from "Bring It On" were unforgettable, especially amidst all the 15th anniversary hubbub, imagine how head Toros ...


I just watched the movie Bring it On today and I loved the cheers, you know the 2.. But i cant remember them all the first one is like I said brrr.. its ...


Bring It On - Opening Cheer (Mighty Toros) Lyrics. I'm sexy, I'm cute! I'm popular to boot! I'm bitchin'. Great hair! The boys all love to stare! I'm wanted, I'm hott!


[Torrance tests a standard cheer on her]. Torrance Shipman: Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! The Toros sure are number one!