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The history of the British Isles has witnessed intermittent periods of competition and cooperation between the people that occupy the various parts of Great ...

BBC - History: British History in-depth


British History section of the BBC History website. ... Britain has been shaped by turmoil between its nations, and tension between state and church.

The British History Podcast – A Chronological History of Britain


The BHP is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won't find a dry recounting of dates and ...

British History - Figures, Events, Pictures & Videos - History.com


Find out more about British History, including milestone battles, events, leaders, and cultural figures that shaped Britain. Get all the facts on History.com.

History of Britain - timeline and facts - Project Britain


British history divided into 10 main timelines explaining what was happening in England and Britain during the last six thousand years.

Ten of the worst years in British history | Books | The Guardian


Oct 10, 2014 ... The worst news year in British history was surely the year that the Black Death reached these shores. The previous year it had struck in Italy, ...

British History - Spartacus Educational


Comprehensive resources on British History. Index Menu covers 43 areas from the Monarchy, Prime Ministers, Medieval, Saxons, Industrial Revolution, Child ...

Timeline of British history from the end of Victorians to today


Timeline of facts and information about the twentieth Century - written especially for kids in easy to understand words.

Twentieth Century British History: Oxford Journals | Arts & Humanities


Twentieth Century British History publishes outstanding work on all aspects of the history of Britain and the British world during the long-twentieth century.

East Asian Journal of British History | Institute of Historical Research


The East Asian Journal of British History is produced by the East Asian Society of British History, and supported by the Institute for Historical Research.

United Kingdom Background
As The Dominant Industrial And Maritime Power Of The 19Th Century, The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland Played A Leading Role In Developing Parliamentary Democracy And In Advancing Literature And Science
History of:
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British History


BRITISH HISTORY. The internet's most comprehensive information resource for the times, places, events and people of British history. New Where Are They ...

British History Online | The core printed primary and secondary ...


A digital library of text and information about people, places and businesses from the 12th century to the present day, built by the Institute of Historical Research ...

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The British Isles have a rich history going back thousands of years. Unfortunately few of us in Britain really know much about our history. Retrospectively I think ...