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... capturing New Orleans and continuing the Louisiana campaign would be too costly and thus agreed with his officers ...


Find out more about the history of Battle of New Orleans, including videos, ... The stunned British army lingered in Louisiana for the next several days, but its ...


On January 8, 1815, the British marched against New Orleans, hoping that by capturing the city they could separate Louisiana from the rest of the United States .


The battle took place during the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United .... the Gulf of Mexico into Louisiana with the purpose of seizing New Orleans ...


The story of the Battle of New Orleans, dec 1814- Jan 15, 1815, with maps,photos and videos of recent ... Louisiana must be returned to Britain's ally Spain,.


Battle of New Orleans. Great news : defeat of the British at New Orleans. (Feb. ... In the meantime, British forces in the Gulf of Mexico moved to attack New Orleans . .... Historical memoir of the war in West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15.


Oct 20, 2016 ... Since first approaching British Airways, New Orleans-area tourism and ... responsible for a petrochemical industrial boom in south Louisiana, ...


Control of New Orleans, near the Mississippi's mouth, would make the British the virtual rulers ... Andrew Jackson's response to the crisis unfolding in Louisiana.


New Orleans is full of culture. We found some Brit bits throughout the city. Check out 10 British Things About New Orleans: 1) The...


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