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Bromine is a chemical element with symbol Br and atomic number 35. It is a halogen. The element was isolated independently by two chemists, Carl Jacob ...

Bromine (Br) - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects


chemical properties, health and environmental effects of bromine.

Bromine - Element information, properties and uses | Periodic Table


Element Bromine (Br), Group 17, Atomic Number 35, p-block, Mass 79.904. Sources, facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and ...

Who's afraid of bromine? - BBC News - BBC.com


Sep 27, 2014 ... Bromine looks sinister - like something you might find on Dr Frankenstein's workbench. But are people sometimes too hard on compounds ...

Bromine»the essentials [WebElements Periodic Table]


This WebElements periodic table page contains the essentials for the element bromine.

It's Elemental - The Element Bromine


The Element Bromine - Basic Physical and Historical Information.

CDC | Facts About Bromine


Feb 14, 2013 ... Bromine is found naturally in the earth's crust and in seawater in various chemical forms. Bromine can also be found as an alternative to ...

Bromine Applications - BSEF


Since bromine was discovered in 1826, bromine compounds have been used in fields such as water treatment, reduction of mercury emissions, fire safety, ...

bromine (Br) | chemical element | Britannica.com


Br chemical element, a deep red, noxious liquid, and a member of the halogen elements, or Group 17 (Group VIIa) of the periodic table. History Bromine was ...

BROMINE | Br2 - PubChem


Bromine is a dark reddish-brown fuming liquid with a pungent odor. Denser than water and soluble in water. Hence sinks in water. Toxic by inhalation.

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