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Design-Build Projects: Who Bears the Risk for Defective ...


U.S. v. Spearin, 248 U.S. 132(1918). See Fruin-Colnon Corp., et al .v. Niagara Frontier ... The leading Supreme Court case on the subject, U.S. v. Spearin, 248 ...

Use of parthenogenetic activation of human oocytes as an ...


Mar 1, 2011 ... Goossens V, Harton G, Moutou C, Traeger-Synodinos J, Rij M, Harper JC. ESHRE ... Fiorentino F, Biricik A, Nuccitelli A, Palma R, Kahraman S, Iacobelli M, et al. .... Brooks B, Zylber-Haran E, Varshaver I, Margalioth EJ, et al.

Cyclooxygenase inhibition: between the devil and the deep blue sea


Journal List · Gut · v.50(Suppl 3); 2002 May; PMC1867681 ... Perez Gutthann S, Carson JL, Griffin M, Savage R, Logan R, Moride Y, Hawkey C, et al. .... [PubMed] ; Brooks P, Emery P, Evans JF, Fenner H, Hawkey CJ, Patrono C, Smolen J, ... Fusco O, Natoli C, Iacobelli S, Cipollone F, Ganci A, Créminon C, Maclouf J, et al.

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16. S. Brooks et al. .... how IS support sustainability (Watson et al., 2010). Previous studies ..... purposes by mobilizing dynamic resources. AMCIS. 2010. ( Iacobelli,. Olson,. & ..... Rigor vs. relevance revisited: Response to Benbasat and. Zmud.

Implications of circadian clocks for the rhythmic delivery of cancer ...


This also characterizes human cancers (Smaaland et al. ..... various phases of the cell cycle possess a random nature (Smith & Martin 1973; Brooks et al. .... occurs between V≤10% and V≥15% in the number of cells killed by the drug ( Altinok et al. ..... Filipski E,; Innominato P,; Wu M,; Li X.M,; Iacobelli S,; Xian L.J,; Lévi F.

Cetuximab therapy in the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer ...


Since Cunningham et al. showed an improved survival in patients with metastatic colorectal .... Koo et al. (2007), South Korea, Phase II study, Cetuximab + FOLFIRI = 31, 0 (0), 8 (25.8) ..... Quality control of data and algorithms: Brooks, Malik, Cameron. ... 11; A. Lievre, J.B. Bachet, V. Boige, A. Cayre, D. Le Corre, E. Buc, et al.

Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum (PA/IVS) - UpToDate


Mar 4, 2015 ... ... hypoplasia. Blood is thus unable to flow from the right v. ... Ekman Joelsson BM , Sunnegårdh J, Hanseus K, et al. The outcome .... Iacobelli R, Pasquini L, Toscano A, et al. Role of ... Liava'a M, Brooks P, Konstantinov I, et al.

Latin lesson: etc. vs. et al. | Grammarly Blog


Etc. is short for 'et cetera,' which translates in Latin to 'and the rest' or 'and left over .' Use etc. when you're writing a list of things: I am going to bring pumpkin pie, ...

Blood Journal | Donor natural killer cell allorecognition of missing ...


Jul 1, 2007 ... ... HLA-C2, and HLA-Bw4 allelele groups (reviewed in Velardi et al, Farag et al,, and Ruggeri et al). ... Frequencies of donor vs recipient alloreactive NK clones in randomly assayed NK alloreactive ..... Colonna M,; Brooks EG,; Falco M,; Ferrara GB,; Strominger JL ..... Kroger N,; Shaw B,; Iacobelli S,; et al.

Effect of Hypovitaminosis D on Postoperative Pain Outcomes a ...


Contributions: AL helped design the study, conduct the study, analyze and interpret the ..... (100 [75–100] vs 75 [50–100]) (P = 0.001) and WOMAC function ( 91 [82–97] vs 62 [50–69]) (P < 0.001). .... Lavernia CJ, Villa JM, Iacobelli DA, et al . ... Brooks R, Rabin R, de Charro F. The measurement and valuation of health status .....

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