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16. S. Brooks et al. .... how IS support sustainability (Watson et al., 2010). Previous studies ..... purposes by mobilizing dynamic resources. AMCIS. 2010. ( Iacobelli,. Olson,. & ..... Rigor vs. relevance revisited: Response to Benbasat and. Zmud.


Cite this article as: Wiese, T.E., Kral, L.G., Dennis, K.E. et al. In Vitro Cell Dev Biol ... Brooks, S. C.; Horn, L.; Horwitz, J. P. The conjugation of estrogen metabolites by liver slices. Biochem. ... Iacobelli, S.; Scambia, G.; Natoli, V., et al. Estrogen ...


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These findings are consistent with the report of Nangia-Makker et al. ... αvβ3 is up -regulated in angiogenic vessels (Brooks, 1994, 1996; Storgard et al., 1999). .... HUVECs were provided by V. Sukhatme (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, ..... Tinari N., Natoli C., Liu F.T., Semeraro M.L., Malorni W., Iacobelli S. 2000.


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Oct 23, 2015 ... Lavernia CJ, Villa JM, Iacobelli DA, et al. ... al. Serum concentrations of interleukin-6 in patients following unilateral versus bilateral total knee arthroplasty. ... Brooks R, Rabin R, de Charro F. The measurement and valuation of ...


Quantification of bands was performed using ImageJ (v 1.46r; NIH). ..... Gavine PR, Mooney L, Kilgour E, Thomas AP, Al-Kadhimi K, Beck S, Rooney C, Coleman T, Baker D, Mellor MJ, Brooks AN, ... Spinola M, Leoni V, Pignatiello C, et al. ... Gartner S, Sures I, Wang H, Imyanitov E, Haring HU, Knayzev P, Iacobelli S, Hofler ...


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This also characterizes human cancers (Smaaland et al. 2002). ..... that the transitions between the various phases of the cell cycle possess a random nature (Smith & Martin 1973; Brooks et al. .... (b) Circadian versus continuous administration of 5-FU ..... Filipski E,; Innominato P,; Wu M,; Li X.M,; Iacobelli S,; Xian L.J,; Lévi F.