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Brown Discharge between periods – why? what to do? how to stop? Many girls and women are fully stressed because of unpleasant brown discharge between ...

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Jun 28, 2011 ... Spotting before your period or between periods is usually of little concern, ... “ Bright red is usually fresh blood; pink is diluted; brown is days-old ...

What Causes Dark-Brown Discharge? Alerting Symptoms


Dark-brown vaginal discharge may be observed in between periods and instead of them. Its causes can be both physiological and pathological. Primary distinc.

Brown Stringy Discharge: 6 Possible Causes


Brown stringy discharge is presence of old blood in vaginal secretions. ... Stringy discharge between periods, for instance, can be a sign of ovulation. When an ...

Light Brown Spotting: 3 Types of Causes – All About Implantation ...


Pathological causes of brown spotting before period: ... Brown discharge between periods is a natural reaction of the organism to the intake of hormonal ...

Dark brown discharge between periods - Menstruation Forum ...


Dark brown discharge between periods . Hi, I had my last menstrual period about 2 weeks ago and last night I started having a thick, dark ...

Brown discharge between periods - Menstruation Forum ...


Brown discharge between periods . This morning i realized i had brown discharge in my underwear and after i went to the bathroom.. im not ...

Vaginal Discharge - Causes, Types, Diagnosis and Treatment of ...


WebMD explains vaginal discharge -- when it's normal and when it's not. ... Bloody or brown, Irregular menstrual cycles, or less often, cervical or ... Cloudy or yellow, Gonorrhea, Bleeding between periods, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain.

Brown Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Treatments and See a Doctor ...


Stress: Hormone levels can be altered by stress, creating spotting and a brown vaginal discharge between periods. Physical stress due to a sudden change in ...

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Mar 28, 2011 ... Spotting between periods is not uncommon and can have many different causes. In most cases, spotting represents the flow of only a small ...

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Q: Brown Discharge Between Periods?
A: If its brown, its 'old blood' It could just be the blood that didn't fully empty itself after your last period. The other option is that it could be a sign that... Read More »
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Q: Brown discharge between periods?
A: You don't need to be worried about this. Brown discharge is usually considered old blood from a prior period that just didn't quite make it out of your system. ... Read More »
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Q: Brown Discharge Between Periods
A: I am 23 years old and i was seen in the E.R. one week ago today because i was having flank pain they ruled out kidney stones and said it was MITTLESCHMERTZ. On ... Read More »
Source: www.doctorslounge.com
Q: Dark Brown Discharge Between Period.
A: Hi Aria235, Dark brown discharge is usually seen at the beginning or end of your menses (period). It#27;s also an indicator of bleeding that is possibly slow, o... Read More »
Source: www.medhelp.org
Q: Bleeding/brown discharge between periods?
A: Darling you have nothing to worry about specially if you have irregular periods. Like others have mention brownish color blood is old blood. It's normal to have... Read More »
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