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Cornu aspersum


Cornu aspersum, known by the common name garden snail, is a species of land snail. ... The shell is variable in color and shade but generally is dark brown, ...

brown garden snail - Cornu asperum (Müller)


The brown garden snail (European brown snail), Cornu aspersum, was described by O.F. Müller from specimens collected in Italy. This plant feeder has been ...

UC Management Guidelines for Brown Garden Snail on Citrus


The brown garden snail is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter at maturity and has a distinct brown and gray color pattern. It is most active during the night and early ...

Eating Your Garden Snails - SFGate


May 5, 2003 ... I've heard that the Bay Area's brown-and-yellow-striped garden snails are actually the same mollusks as the prized escargot of French cuisine.

UC Management Guidelines for Brown Garden Snail on Avocado


May 21, 2015 ... The brown garden snail (Phylum Mollusca, family Helicidae) has a soft, slime- covered brown body. Its body and a pair of antennalike sensory ...

Garden Snail - Snail Facts and Information


The helix aspersa is also known with the common name of “European Brown Garden Snail”, but its scientific name is has alternative versions. Some scientist ...

Brown garden snail - Amazing Facts on Molluscs


The brown garden snail (Cornu aspersum) is one of the most widely spread land snail species in the world. Originated from the Mediterranean it is today found is ...

Brown Garden Snail - Oregon State University


Jan 24, 2011 ... Brown garden snail, Cornu aspersa (formerly Helix aspersa, Cantareus aspersus , and Cryptomphalus aspersus) is a member of the family ...

Once a Delicacy, Now a Pest - The Santa Barbara Independent


Oct 16, 2009 ... The California Brown Garden Snail Was Not Always So Despised As It Now Is.

Garden snail videos, photos and facts - Helix aspersa | ARKive


The shell of the garden snail is generally spherical in shape with a short spire and a 'wrinkled' surface. It is pale brown or yellow in colour, and is marked with a  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Are brown garden snail dangerous?
A: Brown garden snails, in my opinion, aren't that dangerous. I know this from experience. I take care of brown garden snails right now, and touch them all the tim... Read More »
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Q: How to Care for a Brown Garden Snail
A: 1 Go outside late at night, or early in the morning, just after a rain shower. Look in the grass, under wood or rocks, flower pots, and sidewalk. You could even... Read More »
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Q: Is a brown garden snail an invertebrate?
A: Yes Read More »
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Q: Life Cycle of a Brown Garden Snail.
A: All snails are hermaphroditic, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs, but they do mate. According to experts at the University of Californi... Read More »
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Q: Is a brown garden snail a vertebrate or invertebrate?
A: invertebrate. invertebrate, an animal without a vertebral column. Read More »
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