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Dark brown discharge instead of period - Women Health Info Blog


Dark brown discharge is a symptom of “old blood” and/or old uterine lining which did not left the uterus at right time (during regular menstrual period).

Why Is My Period Brown? - Healthline


Throughout your menstrual cycle, the color and consistency of blood can change. ... So when you spot something abnormal, such as brown discharge or dark ...

Brown Discharge Instead of Your Period | What to Expect


Sep 22, 2014 ... It's not uncommon to have some (sometimes intermittent) brown discharge for a few days after menstruation — that's old blood making its exit.

What Causes Dark-Brown Discharge? Alerting Symptoms


Dark-brown vaginal discharge may be observed in between periods and instead of ... On average a regular woman loses 34-50 ml of blood at a period, which is ...

Light Brown Spotting: 3 Types of Causes – All About Implantation ...


Such spotting may occur 1 or 2 days prior to menstrual bleeding, which is the norm. However, if brownish discharge precedes your period for a longer term than ...

Very Light Periods With Dark-Brown Blood – Causes and Preventive ...


Too scanty periods with dark-brown spotting are referred to as hypomenorrhea. It may be physiological at the point when the cycle is just being established.

Irregular Periods and Brown Discharge - 34 Menopause Symptoms


Because every woman's menstrual cycle is different, every woman's idea of irregular ... Brown vaginal discharge, unfortunately, may be a symptom of a range of ...

Dark brown discharge between periods - Menstruation Forum ...


Dark brown discharge between periods . Hi, I had my last menstrual period about 2 weeks ago and last night I started having a thick, dark ...

Reasons for Brown Spotting Before Period | LIVESTRONG.COM


Apr 21, 2016 ... From the first menstrual period through the onset of menopause, women occasionally experience vaginal bleeding or spotting at unexpected, ...