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JavaScript - Browser detect - QuirksMode


A useful but often overrated JavaScript function is the browser detect. Sometimes you want to give specific instructions or load a new page in case the viewer ...

How to detect Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera browser?


Mar 23, 2012 ... Googling for browser reliable detection often results in checking the User agent string. This method is not reliable, because it's trivial to spoof ...

GitHub - ded/bowser: a browser detector


A Browser detector. Because sometimes, there is no other way, and not even good modern browsers always provide good feature detection mechanisms.

What browser am I using? Is my browser up to date?


Including JavaScript, Cookie, Flash, and Java detection. ... Use this form to send the technical details of your web browser and computer to your IT Support team ...

Using the navigator object to detect client's browser - JavaScript Kit


Until one browser remains standing on the web (if ever), browser detection will continue to be part of any good JavaScripter's life. Whether you're gliding a div ...

Grails Plugin: Browser Detection Plugin


Aug 16, 2016 ... This plugin provides a service and tag library for browser detection. It parses User-Agent in order to identify client's browser, operating system, ...

Browser Detection is Bad | CSS-Tricks


Jan 28, 2009 ... We do it because different browsers handle things differently and browser detection can get us out of a pinch and get things working how they ...

JavaScript Window Navigator - W3Schools


The window.navigator object contains information about the visitor's browser. ... be misleading, and should not be used to detect browser versions because:.

Detecting Windows Internet Explorer More Effectively (Internet ...


Many Web designers use browser detection techniques to ensure that their sites display properly when viewed with specific browsers. Some browser detection ...

Browser Detection (and What to Do Instead) - Jibbering


A second browser detecting strategy uses the objects present in various browser DOMs and make the assumption that the presence (or absence) of one or more ...

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Browser detection using the user agent - HTTP | MDN


Aug 15, 2016 ... When considering using the user agent string to detect which browser is being used, your first step is to try to avoid it if possible. Start by trying ...

Detect my Browser :: Browser, Browser Plugin, HTML5 and CSS3 ...


detectmybrowser.com: free javascript based browser detection.

react-browser-detection - npm


npm install --save react-browser-detection. Supposing a CommonJS environment, you can simply use the component in this way: import React, { Component } ...