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AOL Desktop Software: Using AIM - AOL Help

Jun 8, 2015 ... Learn how to use AIM in the AOL Desktop Software versions 9.7.4 and 9.0vr.

How do I manage my Buddy List/IM settings in the AOL software ...

Apr 6, 2015 ... Tip: Alternatively, you can open the IM Settings window by going to AOL Keyword : Buddy List Settings. This keyword can be accessed only ...

Messages (Mavericks): Use buddy lists - Apple

Nov 6, 2013 ... If you don't see a buddy list, choose Window > Buddies. If you don't have all buddy lists collected into one window, choose the buddy list you ...

buddy list free download for Windows XP - Softonic

buddy list free download for Windows XP - Digsby Beta Build 90: Merge IM, email and social network accounts under one interface, and much more programs.

Messages (Mountain Lion): Use buddy lists - Apple

Feb 18, 2013 ... If you don't see a buddy list, choose Window > Buddies, or if you don't have all buddy lists collected into one window, choose the buddy list you ...

#5782 (Buddy list and chats in a single window) – Pidgin

There should be an option to have the buddy list and all IM/chat tabs in the same window. Perhaps a two-pane window, with the buddy list in one thinner pane, ...

#12680 (Buddy list disappears) – Pidgin

After I did some investigation, I realised that Pidgin does start fine - it just doesn't show the buddy-list window. I discovered that in prefs.xml there is a "list_visible" ...

Power Up Your Buddy List with These Awesome Pidgin Plugins

Pidgin is our favorite instant messaging application for Windows, not only for all its great built-in features, but for all the features you can add to it via plugins.

11.10 - Pidgin doesn't show buddy list? - Ask Ubuntu

Oct 16, 2011 ... I like to use pidgin instead of Empathy because I'm used to it, and because I have to venture into windows for more development than I would ...

pidgin buddy list window missing at first startup - Launchpad Bugs

Apr 1, 2012 ... The Pidgin main buddy list window is missing nearly everytime i start it... (just the first time after a system reboot) With all plugins disabled and ...

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Q: Email from the buddy list window?
A: i tried mine and it worked fine, you might need to check to see if you are sending it as a sms instead of a email, or go the normal way to your mail and send yo... Read More »
Q: Where is my IChat buddy list window!
A: iChat's buddy windows are assigned a keystroke combination based on the order in which the account's were created. In my case my Gmail account was assigned the ... Read More »
Q: How do I disable the "buddy list" window at AOL log in?
A: Buddy list can be removed using the "Settings" icon, near top of screen, left of center.  Thanks Read More »
Q: Discuss eaa1264's answer to: how do i change the color on my budd...
A: I'm having the same problem, I can't see a way of changingcoloursor other preferences like you could in the old AIM. Can it be done? Read More »
Q: How to Increase Buddy List Size.
A: 1. Open "System Settings" from the XBox Dashboard. 2. Highlight "Test XBox LIVE Connection" and press "A" on your controller to start the test. 3. Select "Yes" ... Read More »