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#12680 (Buddy list disappears) – Pidgin


After I did some investigation, I realised that Pidgin does start fine - it just doesn't show the buddy-list window. I discovered that in prefs.xml there is a "list_visible" ...

#13567 (Buddy-list disappeared and unable to get it back) – Pidgin


My buddy-list window disappeared, but on start-up my Pidgin was configured to automatically join a few IRC channels. If I start Pidgin, it opens the chat-window ...

#3653 (Buddy List window resizes itself) – Pidgin


Occasionally, the Pidgin window will rezise itself making the window larger, moving the right border around 20 pixel to the right. I use Xindows XP Pro Ver2002 ...

Messages for Mac: View your buddy lists - Apple Support


Sep 22, 2016 ... Open your buddy list: Choose Window > Buddies. If you don't have all buddy lists collected in one window, choose the buddy list you want to ...

11.10 - Pidgin doesn't show buddy list? - Ask Ubuntu


Oct 16, 2011 ... I like to use pidgin instead of Empathy because I'm used to it, and because I have to venture into windows for more development than I would ...

GitHub - dm0-/window_merge: A Pidgin plugin that merges the ...


window_merge - A Pidgin plugin that merges the Buddy List window with a conversation window.

Put Your Pidgin Buddy List into the Windows Vista Sidebar


Jan 6, 2009 ... Put Your Pidgin Buddy List into the Windows Vista Sidebar. Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date. (Links may not work, ...

Power Up Your Buddy List with These Awesome Pidgin Plugins


Feb 14, 2012 ... Pidgin is our favorite instant messaging application for Windows, not only for all its great built-in features, but for all the features you can add to ...

Bug #773645 “can't reopen pidgin buddy list in unity” : Bugs : pidgin ...


Apr 29, 2011 ... When I start Pidgin in Unity and close the buddy list while I have a chat window open, I cannot find a way to reopen the buddy list.

How to remove someone from my Buddy List - AOL Help


Oct 6, 2015 ... Whether you need extra space or just want to clear out the clutter, deleting a screen name from your AOL Buddy List window is easy.