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Buerger's disease - Wikipedia

Thromboangiitis obliterans (also known as Buerger's disease, Buerger ... It is strongly associated with use of tobacco products, primarily from smoking, but also  ...

Smoking and Buerger's Disease | Overviews of Diseases/Conditions ...

Almost everyone with Buerger's disease smokes cigarettes. However, Buerger's disease can occur in people who use other forms of tobacco, like chewing ...

Buerger's Disease - Types of Vasculitis

The classic Buerger's Disease patient is a young male (e.g., 20–40 years old) who is a heavy cigarette smoker. More recently, however, a higher percentage of  ...

Buerger's disease Risk factors - Mayo Clinic

Cigarette smoking greatly increases your risk of Buerger's disease. Heavy cigarette smokers (people who smoke one and a half packs a day or more) are most ...

Brandon's Missing Legs: Smoking and Buerger's Disease - WhyQuit

Apr 3, 2014 ... By age 18, he was diagnosed with Buerger's disease, a disorder linked to tobacco use that causes blood vessels in the hands and feet to ...

Buerger's Disease - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Buerger's disease, also known as thromboangiitis obliterans, is a rare disorder that, in most cases, affects young or middle-aged male cigarette smokers.

Smoking and Circulation - Joel's Library - WhyQuit

As for heart and other circulatory diseases, the two chemicals in cigarettes that .... The condition is known as Buerger's Disease (thromboangiitis obliterans.) ...

Buerger's Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments - Healthline

Jul 25, 2012 ... The risk for developing Buerger's disease increases when you smoke heavily. Scientists aren't certain of why tobacco smoke increases this risk ...

Buerger's disease sufferer lost her legs because of smoking | Daily ...

Mar 18, 2014 ... Victoria Marks, 41, from Cornwall, has Buerger's disease - a rare form of ... Victoria Marks, 41, had her first cigarette when she was 13 and ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are the causes of buerger's disease?
A: Buerger`s disease tends to be associated with smokers, particularly those who smoke heavily. It seems to be an auto-immune reaction to some chemical in tobacco ... Read More »
Q: What is an analolgy for buerger's disease?
A: Buerger's disease (aka - thromboangitis obliterans) is a very rare disease of the arteries and veins in the arms and legs. Essentially, clots form in the blood ... Read More »
Q: What is buergers disease?
A: Buerger's Disease, or thromboangiitis obliterans, is a rare and severe disease affecting Read More »
Q: What is the etiology of buerger's disease?
A: Smoking is very closely related to Buerger's disease and smoking history is... Read More »
Q: How serious is Buerger's disease?
A: Complications of Buerger's disease: see complications of Buerger's disease Read More »