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May 16, 2011 ... Decades after its birth, the laser is still irresistibly cool. ... that people can't resist playing with lasers, building their own, customizing them and, .... If you make this project to light your smokes, you may also want to buy an eye ...

Jul 1, 2013 ... Thanks for watching how to Build a 1W Blue Laser! Subscribe for more .... I already have a 750mw green and a 2.75w blue, and I would like to start building my own. Please respond at your earliest convenience thank you..


Those lasers can cost a lot of money though, somet... ... Remove all the screws on your DVD drive, take off the rails by removing the ... Step 3: Build the Driver.


Sep 3, 2010 ... If you are a laser aficionado, you know about the Spyder III Arctic Laser ... These instructions tell you how to build your own 1 Watt Blue Laser ...


This is a DIY guide on how to make your HIGH POWER burning BLUE-ray laser. ... I could purchase one,but I would like to maybe build my own laser cutting tool ...


Start building your ULS laser system configuration by using our 3-step guided process, which suggests the best platform and laser power for you.


Jun 8, 2015 ... Youtuber styropyro build an insane 40W laser shotgun by himself in his ... blow up a ping pong ball, and totally blind you if it gets in your eyes.


How to Build a High Powered Laser. ... After that, clean the whole form (all metal debris), and insert your laser diode assembly into it, making sure the side with ...


Aug 1, 2013 ... Metal, plastic, wood, rubber—these are no match for the laser lighter. ... 2000 times more intensity than the sun that licks your face at the beach.