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I've got the day off and I've had an idea in my head to make a unicycle recently ... I tried making a device using the de-railer and reflector bracket; it did not work.

Mar 27, 2013 ... I first started loving the unicycle when Mom and Dad brought home a ... if I could just use the parts from a bike to build a unicycle. so that's what ...


Build your own Short Unicycle with our DIY unicycle plans! Challenge both your building skills as well as your balance skills with this robust direct drive unicycle.


Please choose your store: Australia China Czech Republic Germany Japan Russia UK · Canada Costa Rica Denmark Hungary Korea Sweden USA. Remember ...


It would be really hard to build your own unicycle from recycled bikes. I have thought about this long and hard. It is possible, just very difficult.


A unicycle is a relatively simple machine. It is essentially half of a bicycle, so if you want to make your own, an old bike is a good place to start. When making a ...


Dec 28, 2014 ... [Lou's] friends all said that it would be impossible to build a unicycle that had offset pedals. Moving the pedals to the front of the unicycle would ...


Nov 11, 2016 ... Cruise 25 miles at 20mph on a sweet, motorized unicycle you build yourself!


Oct 1, 2012 ... Build a short and a tall unicycle. By RadicalBrad. B uild your own Short Unicycle with our DIY unicycle plans! Challenge both your building ...