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In guns, particularly firearms, caliber or calibre is the approximate internal diameter of the barrel ... Good performance requires a bullet to closely match the groove diameter of a barrel to ensure a good seal. While modern cartridges and ...


Jan 31, 2016 ... Quickly learn all about common bullet sizes & calibers with tons of pics. ... For guns, “caliber” means the diameter of the barrel and thus the diameter of the bullet that is going through it. .... Shot Size Chart, Shotgunworld.


May 14, 2014 ... Click here for a larger view of the rifle caliber chart. RifleAmmoBuyingGuide chart . What Style of Bullet? The style and construction of a bullet ...


Click to download a Ballistic Chart (PDF) Metric Ballistic Chart Standard ... Calculator to help you choose the most effective cartridge/bullet combination for any ...


Mar 2, 2011 ... Understanding bullet calibers, bullet sizes and the difference between them. Bullet caliber refers to the size, or diameter of the bullet.


The below rifle cartridge ballistics table will give true caliber and diameter of rifle cartridge bullet, .17", .20", .22", .24", .25", .26", .27", .28", .30", .31", .32", .33", .35"  ...


Oct 25, 2012 ... This chart below is ideal for comparing bullet calibres, cartridges and ... If going from metric to imperial, you divide the caliber by 25.4 (eg.


Use Guide Outdoors Ballistics Charts to find the specifics on your ammo. ... to find the velocity, trajectory, bullet weight, and more for your caliber and gun style.


See and generate your own ballistic drop chart and table that then charts the ammo step by step and ... Generate Drop Chart for Specific Ammo and Caliber ...

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Handgun Cartridges - Bullet Poster (Cartridge Comparison) ... The rifle selection includes all standard hunting cartridges from the 17 caliber Mach 2 up through ...
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