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Dyshidrosis, is a type of dermatitis, that is characterized by itchy blisters on the palms of the hands and bottoms ... This is characterised by tingling feeling in the forearm and bumps present in ...

Raised Skin Bump: 31 Causes, Photos, & Treatments - Healthline


Warts are raised, rough bumps caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They typically develop on the hands and feet. They may be skin-colored, pink, ...

Tiny, painless wart like bumps on hands and fingers - Discussion ...


Jul 29, 2007 ... I've had them for at least 4-6 years but they seem to be multiplying. They are barely visible unless my hands are wet such as coming out of the ...

Small itchy bumps on hands? - Drugs.com


Small little pussy bumps on my hands/fingers and some on my feet. They are real itchy, I pop them and put neosporin on it and cover with a bandaid. After they ...

What's Causing My Itchy Hands and Feet? - WebMD


Aug 5, 2014 ... Dry skin can make your hands and feet itchy. ... Patches of red skin, bumps filled with puss, or silver scales; Painful, swollen, or stiff joints ...

small itchy bumps on my hands - Dermatology - MedHelp


Looking all over my hands they are all over. It's not like a rash, there's no redness except when I've scratched, the bumps aren't red, they are skin colored - it just ...

Small raised pimples on the hands - NetDoctor


Mar 13, 2014 ... The bumps can be very small spots or larger and may merge to form large raised ... My grandson has rough skin on the palms of his hands.

Bumps on Palm of Hands - Hand conditions - Condition | Our Health


Mar 26, 2007 ... I have a collection of these very strange bumps on the palms of my hands. They are on both hands, and theres about 25 on each. They are very ...

Teeny, tiny fluid-filled bumps on my fingers?? | Yahoo Answers


May 30, 2007 ... I had small fluid filled bumps on hands, feet, and fingers. Went to the doctor 4 times...first it was athletes foot(on my hand...yeah), then it was ...

Itchy White Bumps on Skin, All Over Body, Hands, Fingers, Legs and ...


Although they are typically not a sign of serious medical conditions, itchy white bumps on skin can be bothersome, more so if they occur all over the body.

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tiny bumps on hands need diagnosis. . Thread discussing tiny bumps ...


Dec 24, 2014 ... For years ive hand these small bumps on my hands. They seem like warts but they dont quite fit the description. They are small, appear mainy ...

Hand dermatitis | DermNet New Zealand


Hand dermatitis (hand eczema). Authoritative facts about the skin from DermNet New Zealand.

Small Bumps Under Skin on the Hands | LIVESTRONG.COM


Aug 16, 2013 ... Small bumps can occur on your hands for a number of reasons. Depending upon the cause of the bumps on your hands, you may be able to ...