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Burmeister's porpoise


Burmeister's porpoise (Phocoena spinipinnis) is a species of porpoise endemic to the coast of South America. It was first described by Hermann Burmeister, ...

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Phocoena spinipinnis species guide - found off the west coast of South America, Burmeister's porpoises are sometimes hunted and their meat used as crab bait.

Phocoena spinipinnis (Black Porpoise, Burmeister's Porpoise)


Range Description: Burmeister's Porpoises are distributed in shallow, coastal waters of South America, from southern Brazil (about 28°48'S), south to Cape Horn ...

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Also known as the black porpoise, spiny porpoise and sea pig, Burmeister's porpoise (Phocoena spinipinnis in Latin) was first identified by the German zoologist ...

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Genital warts in Burmeister's porpoises: characterization of Phocoena spinipinnis papillomavirus type 1 (PsPV-1) and evidence for a second, distantly related ...

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The Burmeister's porpoise is named after Hermann Burmeister, who described the species in 1865.

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There are six different species of porpoise: Burmeister's porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis; Dall's porpoise, Phocoenoides dalli; Finless porpoise, Neophocaena  ...

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Burmeister's Porpoise photos. Burmeister's Porpoise-Bob Pitman Burmeister's Porpoise Photo. Comments are closed. Whaleopedia was developed

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Species: P. spinipinnis Burmeister, 1865. Burmeister's porpoise is one of two members of the genus Phocoena that lives in the Southern Hemisphere, the other ...

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Main Characteristics Burmeister's Porpoise can reach lengths up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) and they typically weigh between 50 and 75 kgs (110 - 165 lbs). Habitat

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Find out what's known about Burmeister's Porpoises, Phocoena spinipinnis, Mammalia, Cetacea, Phocoenidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Phocoena spinipinnis (Burmeister, 1865). English: Burmeister porpoise. German: Burmeister-Schweinswal Spanish: Marsopa espinosa. French: Marsouin de ...

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Burmeister's porpoises are only found along the coastal waters of South America. They inhabit the Atlantic waters on the coast of Brazil and continue to be found ...