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Because Burmese pythons are large predators, their only predators are humans and alligators. Their diet includes any animal that can fit into their unhinged jaws, including smaller...

Burmese python

The Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world (approximately the third largest as measured either by length or ...

Burmese Python - National Geographic

Learn all you wanted to know about Burmese pythons with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

Burmese Pythons - National Park Service

Burmese pythons, one of the largest snake species on earth, are now known to be breeding in the park and spreading throughout south Florida. Originally from ...
For someone experienced with snakes who can handle the rigorous needs of such a giant snake, they are generally pretty good pets. They tend to have a realtively docile temperament (especially compared to other large snakes), but it is not easy to house a snake of this... More »

Burmese Python Care Sheet - Reptiles Magazine

Care sheet for the Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus).

Burmese Python Fact Sheet - National Zoo| FONZ

Burmese Python. Taxonomy Order: Squamata Family: Pythonidae Genus/species : Python molurus bivittatus. Description The Burmese python is the largest ...

Python bivittatus (Burmese Python)

Taxonomic Notes: Python bivittatus was recently recognized as a full species ( Jacobs et ... The Burmese Python is a widely distributed species found throughout ...

18-Foot-Long Burmese Python Weighing 133 Pounds Caught in ...

Jul 30, 2015 ... A massive female Burmese python -- 18 feet 3 inches long and 133 pounds heavy -- was recently discovered and caught in the Everglades ...

Burmese Python: WhoZoo

Physical description: Burmese pythons are one of the six biggest kinds of snakes in the world. They can weigh up to two hundred pounds and can grow up to ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Why is Burmese Pythons endangered?
A: actually it's not. burmese on the pet trade are usually comes from captive breeding. so while it doesn't affect the wild population it is used to humans too. Read More »
Q: What are the Burmese Python's predators?
A: As a young python, many animals will prey upon the snake. In the Southeast U.S. they might be eaten by birds of prey, foxes, coyotes, alligators, American Croco... Read More »
Q: What are the colors of a Burmese pythons?
A: The Burmese python's skin pattern, is a light almost fleshy color with many Read More »
Q: Where are Burmese pythons from?
A: The Burmese python is native to southeast Asia, Indonesia. Thanks for using Read More »
Q: Why are there Burmese Pythons in Florida?
A: Burmese pythons have been a popular pet for decades in the United States. They have been imported into the USA from Asia and they have also been bred in captivi... Read More »