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A bushel (abbreviation: bsh. or bu.) is an imperial and US customary unit of weight or mass ... The bushel is an intermediate value between the pound and ton or tun that was introduced following the...

U.S. Commercial Bushel Sizes


Commodity. Weight per bushel (lb). Alfalfa, 60. Barley, 48. Clover, Alsike, 60. Clover, Crimson, 60. Clover, Ladino, 60. Clover, White, 60. Clover, Red, 60.

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Bushel and Tonne ... 60 lbs/bushel - Dry Moisture %. tonnes, bushels, kg, pounds . = 3,674.37. tonnes, bushels, kg, pounds. $/bushel, $/tonne. = 183.72. $/bushel ...

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*What's in a Bushel??* By Sitkastan (10/15/2002). Ever hear someone quoting you products in a bushel? How many pounds is that? Recently I had the ...

Pound Per U.S. Bushel Conversion Chart (Density Converter, British ...


Conversion chart for pound per U.S. bushel (British and U.S., density conversion) . Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion and other ...

Conversion Factors | U.S. Grains Council


Barley (48 lb/bu)1 bushel = .021772 metric ton1 metric ton = 45.9296 bushelsCORN & SORGHUM (56 lb/bu)1 bushel = .0254 metric ton1 metric ton = 39.368 ...

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Instantly Convert Bushels Per Acre (bsh/ac) to Pounds Per Acre (lbm/ac) and Many More Area Density Conversions Online. Bushels Per Acre Conversion Charts ...

G4020 Tables for Weights and Measurements: Crops - MU Extension


56 pounds per bushel; Corn, ear 70 pounds per bushel; Cotton 32 pounds per bushel; Cowpeas 60 pounds per bushel; Flax 60 pounds per bushel; Grass, ...

Vegetable Weights Per Bushel - Uaex.edu

www.uaex.edu/yard-garden/vegetables/docs/Vegetable Weights Per Bushel.pdf

Jul 23, 2013 ... Cooperative Extension Service. Vegetable Weights Per Bushel. Vegetable Name . How Packed. Weight in lbs. Asparagus. Crate. 28 - 32. Basil.