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Diversification is a corporate strategy to enter into a new market or industry which the business is not currently in, whilst also creating a new product for that new ...

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Apr 24, 2015 ... But diversification is not a cure-all for the struggling business, nor a sure way to cement your lead if you're already thriving. But it's one potential ...

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Apr 20, 2015 ... Companies sometimes diversify their business activities to manage risk or expand into new markets. In this lesson, you'll learn about business.

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A risk-reduction strategy that involves adding product, services, location, customers and markets to your company's portfolio - Small Business Encyclopedia.

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Mar 11, 2014 ... IBM successfully diversified into services; Disney does quite well with a ... smartphone, and online music businesses; and Berkshire Hathaway, ...

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Feb 26, 2015 ... Fast forward to today: The company is seeking diversification into new businesses such as energy and sports drinks because growth in its main ...

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Corporate strategy: Practice under which a firm enters an industry or market different from its core business. Reasons for diversification include (1) reducing risk ...

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Diversification is a strategic approach adopting different forms. ... as a strategy, since the business may benefit from some synergies in this diversification model.

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Diversification is a business development strategy allowing a company to enter additional lines of business that are different from the current products, services ...

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Diversification strategies are used to expand firms' operations by adding markets, products, services, or stages of production to the existing business.

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Aug 11, 2014 ... Diversification is much more easily offered than implemented. ... Video and Blockbuster put all their eggs in the local video rental business.

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To complicate matters, diversification as a corporate strategy goes in and out of vogue on a regular basis. In other words, there is little conventional wisdom to ...

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You might chart this course to hedge against threats to your current business or expand your customer base and revenue sources. Companies that diversify take  ...