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RAF ground crew handling a Tallboy that will be dropped on the V Weapon site ... it was effective against hardened structures against which prior, smaller bombs had .... Although the bomb was aimed ...

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The German V1 flying bomb, or 'buzz' bomb, known originally as the Fieseler Fi ... The weapons were launched against Britain (from 13 June 1944) and targets in ... the flying bomb may have been cheap and simple, it was not very accurate-it ... called modified sites, would be used in place of larger ramps that had proved ...

German Wonder Weapons


It was the first of the V-1 Buzz bombs - a forerunner of today's cruise missiles. ... the Germans developed simple, but very effective, portable rocket launchers armed ..... Accurate war news from Russia was extremely hard to come by during the war ... would not bomb a concentration camp, a supposition that proved correct.

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Hitler's two, "vengeance weapons," were his last serious threat to wipe out London. ... Anti-aircraft fire proved less effective against the buzz bombs than against the German bombers. ... Soon, a new and more accurate version , was launched.

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The German V-2 and the American atomic bomb proved the major innovations of ... a policy "could be an effective strait jacket for that noisy shopkeeper, Harry Truman. ... Strategic missile weapons systems—deployed in hardened sites or on ... five or six MIRV accurate warheads, according to the U.S. secretary of defense.

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Photographs of the WW2 German secret vengeance terror weapon. The V1 doodlebug flying buzz bomb on a ski ramp. ... It carried a huge 1,870 pound warhead but it was not very accurate. It could only hit very large targets. ... The larger ramps had proved too attractive to Allied bombing attacks. It was decided that ...

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Apr 5, 2009 ... Much more powerful and faster than the V-1 “buzz bomb,” the ... During the last year-and-a-half of the war, they proved their .... V2 as a weapon for anti military role as it was not cost effective as a actual .... If you wont give your references, how do we know they are genuine, or accurate - just on your say so?

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Sep 27, 2008 ... The V-1 or buzz-bomb was a realitively simple weapon, a flying bomb using a ... This is not entirely accurate. ... It was so costly and time-consuming to build that it was not an effective weapon with the conventinal war heads the Germans used. ... Despite Hitler's expections, the V weapons proved useless as .....

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The V-1 (also known as a flying bomb, buzz bomb or doodlebug) was a ... The weapons were launched against Britain (from l3th June 1944) and targets in continental Europe. ... It was accurate enough to hit a target the size of Greater London, however, and ...... The fighter patrols proved effective in destroying flying bombs.

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May 7, 2015 ... Germany's V-1 Buzz Bomb – Iconic Firepower ... of Adolf Hitler's first Vergeltungswaffe, or vengeance weapon—the V-1. ... at various deflection angles, but the most effective defense was standing fighter patrols. ... Tiny Tim rockets considered accurate enough to destroy pinpoint targets like V-1 launchers.

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Q: Buzz bombs proved to be accurate and effective weapons?
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Q: Did Buzz bombs prov to be accurate and effective weapons?
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What materials are used in nuclear weapons and bombs? ... Hiroshima was the first city to be bombed with atomic weapons. ... What is a buzz-bomb?

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In Britain , it was known as the "doodlebug" "buzz bomb" and "farting fury," along ... It was accurate enough to hit a target the size of Greater London, however, and that .... In production, the weapon was officially designated the "Fieseler Fi-103" or "FZG-76", but .... The fighter pat...