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The Middle Colonies comprised the middle region of the Thirteen Colonies of the British Empire in North America. Much of the area was part of the New Netherland until the British exerted their contr...

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By 1775, Africans were the largest non-English ethnic group in colonial America. The population of the thirteen American colonies was perhaps the most diverse ...

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By 1775 there were thirty-two British colonies in the Americas, but only thirteen ... of diverse ethnic groups, with Germans and Scots-Irish the largest non-English ...

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After 1720, the American colonies expanded to cover most of the territory between ... making them the largest ethnic or racial group that came to the colonies. ... By 1775, half of the population south of New England was of non- English stock. ... in the Anglo-American backcountry but were considered degraded individuals in ...

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Jun 27, 2016 ... The thirteen colonies were the British colonies that formed the United States. ... This group was the Puritans who sought to reform the Church of England by ... Seeking the true religion, they fled England and in America created a ... of land trying to get the largest possible production-rate from their crops.

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Jan 20, 2012 ... The English who came to America in the 17th century were intent on creating a world ... In 1775 in the House of Commons, Edmund Burke urged the British government to ... How many non-English names can you find in this picture? .... It is the group with no grievances, with no ethnic axe to grind, and that ...

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... England, growled that the Americans were multiplying like .... the largest single non-English group was African, ... CHAPTER 5 Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution, 1700–1775 ... Ethnic and Racial Composition of the American People,.

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Sep 28, 2015 ... To that end Penn invited persecuted religious groups from other ... These Quakers were of English, Welsh, Irish, and German descent ... Estimated Ethnic Composition of Philadelphia by Population, .... Hopeful Journeys: German Immigration, Settlement, and Political Culture in Colonial America, 1717-1775.

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Ethnic group that had already relocated once before immigrating to America and settling largely on ... Largest non-English group in the colonies, African Americans ... Led to the increase of American population to 1/3 of England's in 1775 .... The British theory of mercantilism, by which the colonies were governed, held that.

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View now the situation of America: loaded with taxes from the British parliament, as heavy as she .... What proportion of American colonists were of English descent in 1775? 2. What were the largest non-English ethnic groups in the colonies?

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Colonial America was a melting pot and had been from the outset; the ... or 7 % of the population, were an important non-English group (Scots Lowlanders) ... and Scots Highlanders; By far the largest single non-English group was African, ... Nor were white colonists alone in creating new societies out of diverse ethnic ...

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Table 6.1 Estimated Populations of the American Colonies, 1700-1780. Colony. 1700. 1720 .... ments were established, the largest around. Charleston ... 1775 the number of colonists with English an- cestry may have .... only in secondary ways from one ethnic group to another. ... Among non-British settlers social associa-.

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After 1720, the American colonies expanded to cover most of the territory between ... By 1775, half of the population south of New England was of non-. English ...