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Timeline of the Byzantine Empire


The following is a timeline of the Byzantine Empire. ... It would remain the capital of the Byzantine Empire, with a half-century exception, for over a thousand ...

Chronology of Byzantine Empire (330-1453 A.D.) - The Latin Library


Chronology of Byzantine Empire (330-1453 A.D.). 330 AD: Constantine founds the new capital of the Roman Empire on the existing site of the ancient Greek city  ...

Byzantine Empire Timeline - Soft Schools


The Byzantine Empire lasted for over a thousand years, and it was home to the largest and most powerful empire in the world. This is a timeline of its history.

Explore Byzantium: Timeline: Late Rome and Early Byzantium (4th ...


Timeline: Late Rome and Early Byzantium (4th to 6th Cent.) ... civil war concludes with Constantine I as sole emperor of the eastern and western Roman Empire.

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Byzantium (ca. 330–1453) | Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History ...


it was also called the “New Rome,” owing to the city's new status as political capital of the Roman empire. The Christian, ultimately Greek-speaking state ruled  ...

List of Rulers of Byzantium | Lists of Rulers | Heilbrunn Timeline of ...


A chronological list of the rulers of Byzantium—Emperors Constantine, Justinian, and others—that encompasses the first golden age of the empire, the Early ...

HistoryWorld - Byzantine empire Timeline

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Constantine's new Christian city on the site of Byzantium is inaugurated, ... to find a new and influential role in a Christian context, through the Byzantine empire.

Byzantine Empire Chronology - National Gallery of Art


313-1453 AD. 313 Emperor Constantine I grants freedom of religion, ending persecution of Christians. 330 Dedication of Constantinople (Istanbul) as the new  ...



HISTORY OF THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE including A new Rome, Constantine and his city, Three sons of ... HISTORY OF THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE Timeline · Share | ... Yet Constantinople is also the new Rome, capital of the Roman empire.

Popular Q&A
Q: Who conquered the byzantine empire?
A: The Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD. They renamed the capital of Constantinople to Istanbul. Read More »
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Q: What was the byzantine empires money?
A: mainly 2 types of coins: Gold Solidus & Gold Hyperpyron. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What is Byzantine empire.
A: The Byzantine Empire was the eastern half of the Roman Empire, but when Rome fell to barbaric conquerors such as Alaric the Byzantine Empire stayed strong. Cons... Read More »
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Q: What was the center of the Byzantine Empire.
A: The center of the Byzantine Empire was Constantinople, currently known as Istanbul. Read More »
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Q: Who founded the Byzantine Empire?
A: The Byzantine Empire, founded when the capital of the Roman Empire was transferred from Rome to Constantinople in Read More »
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