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4784 Highway 97 Property, LLC et al and Vulliet; A155864 Gutierrez, Nestor G. Caballero, aka Gutierrex, .... Dollarhide, Justine Coel, aka Dollarhide, Justine C. A156347 State v. ... State of Oregon et al; A160078 In the Matter of D. C., a Child.

Oregon — Reduced COLAs, Reduced Benefits / Public Pension ...


Oct 27, 2014 ... Moro v. State of Oregon, SO61452, Oregon Supreme Court (filed July 1, 2013, and amended to include challenge to SB 861 on Dec. 6, 2013).

Topographic Signatures and a General Transport Law ... - PDXScholar


Portland State University. PDXScholar ... tion from bedrock [Heimsath et al., 1997] , and detachment- limited river ... 2University of Oregon, Department of Geological Sciences, Eugene,. Oregon ... (c) Lidar-derived hillshade map of the area. Contour ...... the right-hand side in determining V* for a model catchment. All else ...

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Per Section 17 of Article IV of the state constitution, Washington Supreme Court .... No state received a grade higher than "C." Furthermore, due in part to these lax ... Judge(s):Chief Justice Barbara Madsen (League of Women Voters, et al. v. .... Oregon Live, "WA court: Public records can be kept from inmates," Jul...

Dynamic Regulation of Expression and Phosphorylation of Tau by ...


New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, Staten Island, New York 10314 ... to the smallest of the tau isoforms (Lee et al., 1988; Goedert et al., .... clonal antibody 972 to dephosphorylated MAP-2A–C (1:10,000; Sánchez et ... Heights, IL) for radio immunoblots; Oregon Green 488-labeled goat .

Disturbed State constitutive modeling of two Pleistocene tills


cDepartment of Geosciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331, USA .... classical critical state model (e.g., Roscoe et al., 1958), thus ... Trckova, 2000; Varadarajan and Sharma, 2000; Vulliet and ..... c. 0.48. 0.52. aPoisson's ratio, v, is taken to be 0.45 (less than 0.50) since the sample is fully saturated and is ...

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May 14, 2013 ... tion from bedrock [Heimsath et al., 1997], and detachment- ... 2University of Oregon, Department of Geological Sciences, Eugene, ... (c) Lidar-derived hillshade map of the area. ... state thickness, which provides the mechanically weak material ..... perturbations to its stress field, while Vulliet and Hutter.

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Appendix C. List of Poster Exhibits… ... reprogramming of adult cells to a pluripotent state addresses the major problem of regenerative medicine, immune ... were present in studies of an iPS cell line (vs. .... ShoukhratMitalipov (Oregon Health and Science University, Oregon National Primate ...... 21) Vulliet, P.R., et al. Alfie ...

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Drip Irrigation in Heterogeneous Soils: Steady State Field Experiments for .... (45) Or., D., F.J., Leij, V. Snyder, and T.A. Ghezzehei. 2000. Stochastic .... Response to comment by Toker et al. on “Cavitation during .... In: Dane J. and C. Topp. (ed.) ... In: L. Vulliet, B. Schrefler and L. Laloui (Editors), Environmental Geomechanics,...

Continuum deformation and stability analyses of a steep hillside ...


Jan 8, 2010 ... catchment CB1 near Coos Bay, Oregon. We quantify the .... Any critical state soil mechanics model would predict an ... solid velocity v and pore water pressure pw satisfying the .... et al. [22] 3D hydrologic FE model. Color bar is elevation in meters. 4 .... cohesion c, friction angle /, and dilatancy angle w, and.

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STATE OF OREGON; Douglas F. Harcleroad, in his official capacity as the District ... of the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners; Rosemary C. Lee Selinger, M.D., ... 29 U.S.C. § 791 et seq., and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, ... Lee v. State of Oregon, 891 F.Supp. 1439 (D.Or.1995) (declaratory judgment and  ...



Dec 18, 2013 ... V. ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES, WAIVING SEPARATE FILING FEE,. APPOINTING SPECIAL ... and designating Moro, et al, v. State of Oregon, et al, SO61452 as the lead case. ... c: Gregory A Hartman. Anna Marie Joyce.

Pharmacokinetics of ampicillin, gentamicin, amikacin, and ...


The C. of ampicillin trihydrate at a dose of. 12 mg/kg following IM ... Medicine, Oregon State University for providing some fund, llamas and helpers on the samples' .... Amikacin plasma concentrations vs time after intramuscular ..... intravenous bolus has been determined in humans (Ripa et al., 1990), horses ( Dun,. 1976) ...