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Jan 7, 2014 ... As Samsung showed off some of its latest TV at CES 2014, it trotted out ... Models as large as 120 inches are being announced with picture ... Sony has lost money on TVs in 13 of the past 14 quarters. .... What's left is a TV industry desperately seeking sales by focusing on the wrong end of the equation.


Jan 7, 2015 ... Just this year at CES 2015, Sony has embraced Android TV, ... LG, Sony, and Panasonic without worrying about getting smacked with a ...


Jan 2, 2017 ... All the usual big players — Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic — will be there .... Expect drones to get weird and wild at this year's CES. .... If you're desperate for mobile news during CES, Qualcomm and companies of its ilk ...


Jan 8, 2016 ... It flashed, strobed, pulsated, faded, and changed color, desperately begging for my ... Over the past four days at CES, I embraced every virtual reality (VR) ... A wheelchair-bound music fan can get in the front row at a rock concert. And a ..... A logo sits on the front of a Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) games console.


Jan 6, 2017 ... Sony's Acoustic Surface technology takes TV audio to the next level. ... Unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the A1 BRAVIA OLED series ... which sees the sound being emitted from the whole of the screen. ..... People turned on each other as they desperately sought refuge from the chaos on La Rambla.


Jan 11, 2012 ... The company's concept 3D TVs at CES 2012 ditch the glasses, but are ... to the viewing area being nearly double the size of the other screen.

Jan 9, 2016 ... Comparing Valve's VR Demos vs PlayStation VR - CES 2016 .... for the Oculus, but Im not planning on getting the oculus, Im a Playstation fan and Ill get the PSVR ... +Possessed Gamer You are realy desperately. ..... CES 2016: Sony says PlayStation VR will have over 100 titles - BBC News - Duration: 2:09.


Jul 6, 2015 ... Get news, competitions and special offers direct to your inbox ... Sony desperately wanted a slice of the big, fat gaming pie that Nintendo and ... Despite popular belief, the 1991 CES show didn't bring the hammer down on the ...


Feb 5, 2017 ... At the CES, 4K TVs – which are quickly becoming standard in stores – were ... OLED panels are manufactured only by LG, which desperately needs more ... Sony has announced that it will also sell OLED TVs in 2017, with the ...