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Modem Tweaks for Dialup and Cable Modems


First we'll start with a few cable modem tweaks . Then we'll help those who are using a 56k telephone connection by showing you some dialup modem tweaks ...

SpeedGuide.net :: Broadband · Cable · DSL · VoIP · Security ...


Cable modems, DSL, Wireless, Network security. Free speed tweaks and TCP/IP tools for optimizing system performance. ... Registry Tweaks. Advanced ...

Optimize OptimumOnline (OOL) - Tweak to Increase Speed


Step by step instructions to optimizing your OOL Optimum Online cable modem for optimal performance.

THPC: Faster modem and Internet speedup tweaks


Sure, when you complete these simple modem and Internet speed tweaks you will notice faster connections and improved download speeds. However if you run ...

Speed Tweaks: The Basics | Cable-Modem.Net


The basics of tweaking your online speed—what to understand and research before attempting to increase the speed of your Internet connection.

Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide


The times in ms would normally be much lower on a Cable Modem or DSL connection.) For more ...

Cable Modem and DSL Speed Tweak to Increase Performance at ...


May 17, 2003 ... Cable Modem and DSL Speed Tweak to Increase Performance (Windows 95/98/ Me) Popular. These settings allow you to boost the speed of ...

Download Speed Tweaks Tools for Windows - MajorGeeks


DFUeTweaker helps you find OS specific information on how to optimize the Settings for Cable Modems or xDSL, which assumes some proficiency in ...

Broadband Speed Tweaks | Cable-Modem.Net


Find out how to perform tweaks on your register to improve your broadband Internet connection speed.

Broadband Internet Connection Tweaking - Tweaks.com


Setting your NIC (Ethernet card) duplex mode properly. Duplex modes are as follows: Cable Modem – 10mb half duplex* DSL – ISP dependant. If using a router ...

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SpeedGuide.net :: Broadband Tweaks, Tools and Info


Site focuses on system performance, with areas including Cable Modem and DSL tips and Registry tweaks for optimizing throughput, and general Windows ...

Six Steps to a Faster Broadband Connection | PCWorld


Mar 16, 2008 ... Before you start tweaking, get a baseline reading of your ... If your cable or DSL modem is more than a couple of years old, ask your Internet ...

Step By Step: Internet connection tweaking - Dan's Data


Whether you've got a dial-up modem or a broadband Internet connection, chances .... Various cable, DSL, ISDN and other broadband connection users tweak ...