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When the processor needs to read from or write to a location in main memory, it first checks whether a copy of that data is in the cache.

1. Introduction 2. An Overview of Cache


The first part gives an overview of cache, while the second part ... Cache memory helps by decreasing the time it takes to move information to and from the ...

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Cache memory, also called CPU memory, is random access memory (RAM) that a computer microprocessor can access more quickly than it can access regular ...

Introduction of Cache Memory


called a cache between the main memory and the processor. The idea of ... first presented to the cache memory, and if the cache cannot respond, the request is ...

An Overview of Cache Optimization Techniques and Cache-Aware ...


the lower end of any common hierarchical memory design, this paper focuses on optimization techniques for enhancing cache performance. The levels of the ...

Lecture 14: Caching Memory System Overview


Lecture 14. 2. Memory System Overview. • Memory Hierarchies. – Latency/ Bandwidth/Locality. – Caches. • Principles - why does it work. • Cache organization.

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Computer Fundamentals; Computer - Home · Computer - Overview ... Cache memory is a very high speed semiconductor memory which can speed up CPU.

Lecture 18: Caches I. Computer Memory System Overview A. Terms ...

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Lecture 18: Caches. I. Computer Memory System Overview. A. Terms. 1. Word = typically size of int, 32 bits now. 2. Addressable units: usually bytes, but can be ...

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Placement strategy. – Replacement strategy. – Read and write policy. • Virtual Memory. – Why? – General overview. – Lots of terminology. Cache Operations.

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Cache memory is important because it provides data to a CPU faster than main memory, which increases the processor's speed. The alternative is to get the ...