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The cord is a unit of measure of dry volume used to measure firewood and pulpwood in the United States and Canada. A cord is the amount of wood that, when ...

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This cord of wood calculator will tell you how much wood you have in a stack of firewood. Simply enter the dimensions of your stack in feet and hit calculate.

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Firewood measurements such as a cord, face cord or rick can be confusing. ... of your firewood stack into the appropriate boxes and click the calculate button! ... The common dimensions for a face cord or rick of wood is 8 feet long x 4 feet high  ...

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Calculate the full cord value. If you are buying a face cord, divide the depth of a full cord by the piece length of the wood in your face cord. Multiply this quotient ...

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When so sold, the volume of the cord shall be: a cord of wood 12 to 16 inches ... How do I calculate the number of cords I receive in a delivery?

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Dec 3, 2010 ... Most people visualize a cord of wood as a stacked pile 4′ high, 4′ wide ... I build a stack as long as I can beside my driveway then I calculate ...

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To calculate a cord of wood, stack the wood in a rectangular pile, then measure the length, width and height of the pile. A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet, so any ...

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The official measurement of firewood is a “cord”, but that word can be used differently in ... The amount of solid wood in a cord varies depending on the size of the pieces, but for firewood it averages about 85 cubic feet. ... The calculation is:.

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This calculator will tell you how many cords of wood you have. ... To calculate the volume of firewood you have, you simply multiply the length, width and height ...

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cords. 6. Add the yield of each tree to get a total volume in the sample circle. 7. Multiply the total by ten. ... waiting until the wood is all stacked. Tree Diameter at.

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Nov 6, 2011 ... Do you buy or sell firewood? Do you know how to measure your firewood? In Canada, firewood must be bought or sold on the basis of cords ...

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Calculating cordwood correctly. Every fall I get callers wanting to know what the going rate for firewood is. They tell me they can buy a "rick" of wood for $30-$65 ...

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Calculating how many cords in the volume of a firewood stack is easy by inputting its dimensions in this calculator. A cord calculator is a helpful tool for any ...