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Discharge (hydrology)


The units that are typically used to express discharge include ... the discharge (Q) is equal to the product of the stream's ...

Stream Discharge


The discharge of a stream is the product of its velocity (V - length of travel per unit ... basin can accurately predict discharge by measuring stream height (stage).

GEOS 112 Stream Discharge - Trinity College

www.trincoll.edu/~jgourley/geos 112 stream discharge.htm

GEOS 112 Stream Discharge, Fluvial Sediments and Flood Recurrence ... Measure the width (w) and depth (d) of the channel with a measuring tape, measure ...

How streamflow is measured. Part 2: The discharge measurement ...


Dec 2, 2015 ... The most common method used by the USGS for measuring discharge is the mechanical current-meter method. In this method, the stream ...

Instructions for Calculation of Stream Discharge (Flow) STREAM ...


Instructions for Calculation of Stream Discharge (Flow). Step 1a: Determine stream width. Select a section of stream that is relatively straight, free from large ...

Estimating Discharge and Stream Flows - Access Washington


Estimating Discharge and Stream Flows: A Guide for Sand and Gravel Operators, July ... such as hydrologic models, in-pipe flow meters, calculations based on.

Discharge Equation


Discharge Equation. Simplest description of flow in a channel is that the volume rate of flow ... for measurement procedure, see Stream Gauging notes ...

CalcTool: Flow (discharge) rate calculator


Fluid dynamics online calculation: Flow (discharge) rate - From cross-section ... The flow rate of a stream is equal to the flow velocity (speed) multiplied by the ...

Stream Gaging Using the Velocity-Area Method - SERC


Jun 14, 2015 ... Stream gaging is a technique used to measure the discharge, or the volume ... Measuring Stage and Velocity to Determine Discharge Via The ...

River Discharge SS.ppt


This module will illustrate how to determine discharge, and have you use relevant field data to calculate stream discharge in two examples. 3. You will spend the ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How do I properly calculate the discharge of a stream?
A: No - its not 216. Your equation is correct, but you need to get the units consistent. The problem is that the velocity is in meters per second and the area is i... Read More »
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Q: How is stream discharge calculated?
A: Methods for Determining Stream Discharge: 1) Select a site to measure the stream's wetted width, record it, and divide it into at least 10 equidistant intervals... Read More »
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Q: Calculate stream discharge.
A: Q (Discharge in m3/s) = A (cross-sectional area in m2) x u (velocity - a corrected value in m/s). Read More »
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Q: How to you calculate stream discharge and flux?
A: click the following link Source(s): http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081029015141AAuPEzQ&r=w Read More »
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Q: How to Calculate Discharge of a River.
A: Discharge refers to the volume of water that passes along a particular point on the river in a specified amount of time. Typically, this volume is expressed as ... Read More »
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