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Aug 16, 2013 ... The grapefruit is a citrus fruit related to the orange. The number of calories in one whole grapefruit varies according to its size and type, but ...

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A half of a medium one. 50 calories. A half of a small one. 30 calories. By Weight or Measurement. A cup of grapefruit slices with juice. 74 to 76 calories.

Different Types of Grapefruits & How Many Calories are in?


How Many Calories are in Different Types of Grapefruit(100 Grams, 1 Cup, .... One medium grapefruit will give you 2/3 of a cup of fresh-squeezed juice.

Apple Versus Grapefruit - Calorie, Fat, Protein, Fiber Information ...


Apple Versus Grapefruit - Side-by-Side Nutritional Comparison of Apple and Grapefruit.

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Calories in a grapefruit are the least of a dieter's concern because the high fiber content in the fruit makes one feel full with fewer calories and for a longer period  ...

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Feb 11, 2009 ... First off, for all the dieters out there, grapefruits are a lower-calorie fruit. Compared to a navel orange – one navel orange about 3 inches in ...

How Many Calories In a Grapefruit? Find Out Now!


Jan 4, 2016 ... Raw Grapefruit juice, pink or white, 1 cup (approx. .... is also quite sweet, and one of the largest citrus fruits, weighing between 2 to 4 pounds.

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Dec 31, 2015 ... Grapefruits are low in calories but are full of nutrients and an excellent ... One study found that a diet supplemented with fresh red grapefruit ...

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Mar 24, 2011 ... There are 97 calories in 1 cup of grapefruit. A one cup serving of grapefruit contains 16 grams of sugar. Half a grapefruit has 52 calories, ...

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That half-grapefruit, a tasty blend of tart and sweet, has only 52 calories, which ... in group one, while those in group two received a white grapefruit of equal size.

Grapefruit - 1/2 med.
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1/2 medium (154.0g)
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The good: This food is very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, and a very good source of Vitamin A and ...

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In one study, animals fed a high-cholesterol diet plus grapefruit pectin had 24% ... A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that when women ...

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Calories in 1/2 Grapefruit based on the calories, fat, protein, carbs and other nutrition information submitted for 1/2 Grapefruit.