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The Calusa were a Native American people of Florida's .... Among most tribes in Florida for which there is ...

The Calusa: "The Shell Indians"


They built their homes on stilts and wove Palmetto leaves to fashion roofs, but they didn't ... The Calusa Indians did not farm like the other Indian tribes in Florida .

The Calusa Indians of Sanibel Island - History of Shelling on Sanibel ...


Besides inhabiting Lee County, where Sanibel is located, Calusa Indians also lived in Charlotte and Collier counties. The Calusa were one of the first Florida ...

Who Were the Calusa - Calusa Land Trust


South Florida was once the domain of the Calusa Indians, a powerful and complex ... One of the most important towns of the Calusa Indians was located at  ...

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Along the southwest Gulf coast lived the Calusa (Caloosa) Indians. A new tribe ... Their language indicated they may have traveled to Florida from the islands.

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For thousands of years, Southwest Florida's Calusa Indians paddled the rivers and back ... of war, disease, and dissemination, the Calusa were lost to history.

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A coastal tribe in southwest Florida, the Calusa Indians primarily lived on foods that they could get from ... What are some interesting facts about Hopi Indians? A: .

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Jul 9, 2011 ... Calusa Tribe History. Their history begins in 1513 when, with a fleet of 80 canoes they boldly attacked Ponce de León, who was about to land ...

Welcome to Mound House | Calusa Indian Mound | Historical Site


Mound House sits on an ancient Calusa Indian Mound in Fort Myers Beach, ... and historical site on Fort Myers Beach located directly on Estero Bay and offers a ...

Calusa Indians dominated our coast in 1500 | HeraldTribune.com


May 5, 2013 ... Only when the British began arming northern tribes with muskets were the Calusa killed, sold into slavery and scattered into history.

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Information about the Calusa Indians for students and teachers. Facts about Calusa Indian food, clothing, houses, villages, art and crafts, weapons and tools,  ...

The Calusa Indians


It served as the main highway inland to the Calusa Indians. ... The remains of another shell mound are located on Connecticut Street on Fort Myers Beach.

The Calusa Domain :: Florida Museum of Natural History


From several firsthand accounts of south Florida Indians written by Europeans, it is apparent that the Calusa were socially complex and politically powerful.