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Calvert v William Hill Credit Ltd. was a High Court of Justice case in which a large bookmaker was sued by a customer who lost £2.1m to William Hill after the ...


Feb 3, 2011 ... Cite this article as: Bank, A.M., Barr, R., Calvert, S.L. et al. J Child Fam Stud (2012 ) 21: 208. doi:10.1007/s10826-011-9464-1. 5 Citations; 294 ...


Mar 9, 2017 ... calvery_hillCA2008. References: [2008] EWCA Civ 1427, Times 30-Dec-2008, [ 2009] Ch 330, [2009] 2 WLR 1065. Links: Bailii Coram: Sir ...


Mar 9, 2017 ... References: [2008] EWCA Civ 888. Links: Bailii Coram: Rimer LJ Ratio: The claimant had begun an appeal against a failure of his claim in ...


... 2.24, 95% C.I. 1.12–4.51 vs more than high school), prior abnormal Pap (O.R. per prior abnormal Pap 1.08 95% C.I. 1.01–1.15), study site (O.R. for site with best vs worst compliance 16.1, 95% C.I. 2.91–88.6), and higher stress (O.R. for ..... Howells RE, Dunn PD, Isasi T, Chenoy R, Calvert E, Jones PW, et al. ... Radloff LS.


Mandzia et al Predictors of Cognition in Minor Stroke and TIA 3 ..... the difference in domain average z score between patients with vs without characteristic; CES- D, Center for .... Radloff L. The ces-d scale: a self-report depression scale for research ... Moran GM, Fletcher B, Feltham MG, Calvert M, Sackley C, Marshall.


Sep 14, 2016 ... Radloff LS. The CES-D ... Polyn SM, Natu VS, Cohen JD, Norman KA. .... Bullmore E, Long C, Suckling J, Fadili J, Calvert G, Zelaya F, et al.


Feb 16, 2010 ... Hertel I V and Radloff W 2006 Rep. ... Murphy D S, McKenna J, Calvert C R, Bryan W A, English E M L, Wood J, ... Sandhu A S, Gagnon E, Santra R, Sharma V, Li W, Ho P, Ranitovic P, ... Martín F et al 2007 Science 315 629.


Dec 2, 2013 ... Allen LaPointe NM, Ou FS, Calvert SB, Melloni C, Stafford JA, et al. ... Magadza C , Radloff SE, Srinivas SC (2009) The effect of an educational intervention .... Horne R, Faasse K, Cooper V, Diefenbach MA, Leventhal H, et al.


Jun 14, 2011 ... A. Kanaya et al: MASALA study methods and characteristics. Published ..... individuals (5% in MASALA vs 10.6% in the 2010 Census) and a higher .... Radloff LS. The CES-D ... Gill PS, Calvert M, Davis R, et al. Prevalence of ...