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The first priority in treatment of a comatose patient is stabilization following ... by spontaneously exhibited actions, response to vocal stimuli ("Can you hear me?

Can Coma Patients Hear You? Families Should Tell Stories To ...

Jan 23, 2015 ... Family members can aid in their loved one's recovery from a coma by speaking ... Coma patients recover faster when they hear a familiar voice.

Geoffrey Lean: I was in a coma but I could hear every word ...

Sep 10, 2006 ... But it can be all too real. It happened to me. And last week research showed that it may also be reality for many patients diagnosed as in ...

Hines VA Hospital study reveals if coma patients can hear - CBS News

Jan 22, 2015 ... Doctors often tell families to constantly talk to their loved ones, even if they're unconscious, but the question has always been: Can they hear?

Frequently-asked Questions - Coma Communication

(5) Is the coma patient unconscious or asleep? (6) How long do coma and states of altered consciousness last? (7) Can a person in coma hear and see?

Can comatose patients hear? This one seemed to - Collections

Mar 18, 2010 ... As a nursing student, I remember my instructors encouraging us to speak to comatose patients. That thought was always in the back of my mind ...

'Locked in a coma, I could hear people talking around me' - Telegraph

Nov 24, 2009 ... Coma - patient in intensive care unit ... But you experience it all the same, hear what is being said about and to .... Amazing cities you can't visit.

The neuroscience of comas, or what it means to be trapped inside ...

Dec 7, 2012 ... As far as neuroscientists can tell, patients in a coma have lost their ... They're also unable to voluntarily move their bodies, feel, speak, or hear.

Study Finds Hearing Loved One's Voice Induces Excruciating Pain ...

Jan 14, 2012 ... Here is a breakdown of what we can expect our world to look like in 2100 ...... This coma patient currently feels like a saw is ripping through her spinal ... levels of pain whenever they hear the sound of a loved one's voice.

Family Voices and Stories Speed Coma Recovery: Northwestern ...

Jan 22, 2015 ... Study answers question 'Can he hear me? ... As a result, the coma patients can wake more easily, become more aware of their environment ...

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Q: Can coma patients hear you when you talk?
A: Patients in a coma have no cognitive recognition, nor is their conscious min... Read More »
Q: Can coma patients be cured?
A: .bring the patient to the hospital. That's it! Read More »
Q: Can a comatose patient (person in a coma) hear what other people ...
A: I think it depends on how severe the coma is. sometimes the patient CAN indeed hear people's voices, they just can't respond, sadly. I think if the coma is real... Read More »
Q: Can people hear you if they are in a coma?
A: it dosen't normally happen but their have been cases of people waking up and have reported hearing loved ones while in a coma state. Read More »
Q: Can people in coma hear other people speaking?
A: With current technology it is actually possible to tell, to an extent, if people in comas can hear others speaking. Dr. Damian Cruse has been working on exactly... Read More »