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Is Diet Soda Healthier?
If you want to cut calories, it seems like a good idea to stop drinking sugary soft drinks. But merely switching to diet soda isn't likely enough... More »


Oct 13, 2015 ... Switching to a diet soda can help reduce your caloric intake, especially if you're already a soda drinker. Most diet sodas, like Diet Pepsi, contain ...


Fat gain is the result of excessive caloric intake relative to expenditure. Since diet sodas contain (almost) zero calories, they can't make you gain fat.


Sep 14, 2015 ... If you think diet soda is a cure for weight gain, think again. ... The diet sodas seemed to be driving them to eat more bad-for-you foods, ... And if you're seeking a no-calorie drink that really will help you drop pounds fast, check ...


Dr. Mike Roussell settles the diet soda debate once and for all. Find out the real damage diet drinks do to your diet and weight-loss efforts.


Read how a drink with no calories can cause weight gain. ... Unfortunately, many of the articles that tell you that Diet Coke will make you fat often cite no .... I recommend that you cut back on soda/sugary drinks as much as possible, even if  ...


Nov 29, 2010 ... Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain? Not so ... diet soda drinkers that the beverages might make them pack on the pounds. ... If you believe what you read on the Internet, it's clear that drinking diet sodas causes weight gain, right?


Sep 3, 2016 ... 4 Ways Diet Soda Could Make You Gain Weight ... fake stuff can have some of the same drawbacks as real sugar—like being not so great for our waistlines. Diet drinks, sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and ...


Mar 16, 2015 ... A new study looks at weight gain and belly fat in diet soda drinkers. ... While the study doesn't prove that diet drinks and artificial sweeteners cause weight gain, ... calories that, if you don't burn them off, is going to convert to fat," she says ... That, Hazuda says, can lead to weight gain and cravings for sweeter ...


Sep 8, 2016 ... Does diet soda make people gain weight? originally appeared on ... In 2015 it changed its U.S. Diet Pepsi formulation replacing ... "If you can avoid taking in more food, does diet soda still somehow make you gain weight?".