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Sneezing, nasal discharge, coughing, fever, or the sniffles - just like us, cats too can catch colds! Known as feline upper respiratory disease, and generally quite ...


Discover cat cold remedies that you can do at home. ... be finicky, so you don't want to stress them out with at-home remedies, but if you can get your cat to hang  ...


During the winter season, you may see your feline sneezing more than usual. But can that be a sign that she has an actual cold? And can cats get colds from ...


When it's ready, you will know if he has a cold because the cat will not come running owing to the fact that he ... If not, the other cats may catch the cold. ... Keep your cat with a cold away from any other pet cats you may keep in your house.


As is the case with humans, the culprits to blame for these nasty colds are ... Healthy cats can get infected when they come into direct contact with a sick cat. Cats ...


Nov 23, 2009 ... me whether their cats can catch their colds. The answer is probably not — at least not ... to be affected in a house- hold. Kitty colds caused by vi-.


Can cats catch a cold? cat colds Technically no, they don't catch colds like humans do. Colds (in humans) are caused by the "rhinovirus" and are host specific.


Can cats and dogs get colds and flu? Yes (but it's not always the human kind). For cats and dogs, the symptoms can be sneezing, weakness, and nose and eye  ...


Your cats are just as vulnerable to catching ill from microscopic invaders, and can ... Can Two Cats in the Same Household Pass the Same Cold Virus or Bacteria .... How to Get Two Male Dogs Living in Same House Not to Fight · The Birds of ...


If I can't get the pill into him tomorrow AM I need to take him in by ... Would it be unusual for indoor, fully vaccinated kitties to get kitty colds?