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Whale vocalization


A whale swims horizontally underwater, with long front flippers extended and with mottled skin. ... Humans produce sound by expelling air through the larynx. ... Higher frequencies are more effectiv...

Is it possible to cry under water? - Quora


Humans can cry under water and the tears can come just as without difficulty as above water. However, underwater tears can have side-effects since the tears ...

Can you cry under water? - Fun Trivia


Oct 28, 2004 ... Can you cry under water - trivia question /questions answer / answers. ... Yes, I did when someone broke my thumb in the swimming pool.

Can you cry under water? - HubPages


I think what might make me cry is seeing someone very close to me,like ... The answer is Yes you can cry under water and the example would ...

Is it possible to cry underwater?


...but normally, I would assume it's easy to cry underwater. All that's different is that you can't see the tears. Traveller. This is more of a "Science and Nature" ...

lifes unanswered questions... - Instructables


Can you cry under water?why does a round pizza come in a square ... If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is this a ...

It's Okay to Cry: Letting yourself grieve and cry after a loss | Hello Grief


However, crying is the most natural thing in the world for humans to do. Studies show ... You can cry underwater and no one will figure it out. If you want to cry, ...

Smart Ass Questions - Dumb Questions - Jokes4us.com


can you cry under water? Why is it that if someone yells "duck" they are helping you, but if they yell "chicken" they are insulting you? Do penguins have knees?

Shailene Woodley on The Descendants, Crying Underwater - Vulture


Nov 16, 2011 ... Shailene Woodley on The Descendants, Crying Underwater, and George Clooney's Fart Machine ... her as a “face of the future” in its "young Hollywood" issue), but the kid can act. ... There are more chickens than humans.".

Can we breathe underwater? | How It Works Magazine


Jun 21, 2012 ... Oxygen can be extracted from water in a process known as electrolysis. ... Why do humans and elephants cry, but no other animals?

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Q: Can a human being cry underwater?
A: Of course they can ... tears are produced from inside the body and come out of the tear ducts ... you just couldn't see them because of all of the water. I'd th... Read More »
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Q: Can a person cry underwater?
A: yes. Read More »
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Q: Can humans see underwater?
A: OF COURSE YOU DOUFOUS! OPEN YOUR EYES NEXT TIME YOUR IN THE BATH UNDER WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s you dont know that? yes, but it is very tricky. To see u... Read More »
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Q: Can u cry underwater?
A: Yes but it's hard to keep the Kleenex dry enough to wipe your eyes. Come and ChaCha again soon! Read More »
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Q: Can fish cry underwater?
A: Fish have not been proven to cry at all. When crying you automatically breathe in a lot of Read More »
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