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Can People Get Worms from Their Pets? - Pet Education

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A. Roundworms and hookworms can be transmitted from pets to humans. ... Large numbers of the eggs can accumulate in the soil where dogs and cats are ... and others who may not have good hygiene, are most prone to becoming infected.

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Roundworms are the most common of the parasitic worms found inside a cat (or dog). ... Most cats will not have signs of infection; however, cats with major ... Contact with contaminated soil or feces can result in human ingestion and infection.

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However humans don't catch ticks from cats but are more likely to be preyed upon by a hungry tick ... Humans can also be infected with feline hookworms.

Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs? - Petful


Dec 15, 2010 ... Many people ask their veterinarian, “Can humans get worms from ... The answer is yes — we can certainly get intestinal parasites from our dogs or cats. ... You or your children can also pick them up from infected dog poop in ...

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Jan 10, 2012 ... What is the most common kind of tapeworm dogs and cats get? How did ... What kind of problems do tapeworms cause for the dog? How is tapeworm infection diagnosed in my pet? Can I get a tapeworm infection from my pet? How is ... Treatment for both animals and humans is simple and very effective.

Toxocariasis: Infection in humans with dog and cat roundworms


May 28, 2014 ... Toxocara roundworms can infect dogs and cats of all ages, but infection is ... Humans can get infected when they ingest soil, sand or plants ...

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Dogs and cats that are infected with Toxocara can shed Toxocara eggs in their feces. ... Many people who are infected with Toxocara do not have symptoms and do ... especially adults infected by a small number of larvae (immature worms), ...

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Feb 15, 2012 ... Dogs and cats can carry infestations, and those worms are trundled into the clinic . ... The incidence of clinically relevant roundworm infection in adults ... Bottom line is that people can and will get exposed to parasites from ...

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Are certain cats more likely to get Dipylidium caninum tapeworms? ... Humans can become infected with tapeworms, although infection is rare because it is ...

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We are often asked whether people can get worms from their pets. ... What Kind of Worms Do Pets Carry and What Diseases do they Cause in Humans? The most common worms that can be transmitted from dogs and cats to people all have fancy scientific ... Roundworm infection occurs by eating the actual worm eggs.

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There are several different species of tapeworms that may infect your cat, each with stage(s) in a ... Certain tapeworms found in dogs or cats may cause serious disease in humans. ... Cats can get tapeworms from fleas, mice, or other rodents.

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Humans absolutely can contract worms from either cats or dogs, although this ... Not all worms or parasites produce visible evidence of an infection, and this is ...

Diseases You Can Get From Pets: Worms, Rabies, and More


Ever wonder what diseases you can get from your dog, cat, or other pets WebMD ... Zoonotic illnesses are diseases humans can get from animals. ... aware of this disease, as it can infect a fetus and cause a miscarriage, or serious birth defect.