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What Age Does a Child Need to be to Decide Which Parent They Live With? ... Currently there is no specific age where the Court will consider the wishes of a ...


Jun 3, 2011 ... On a fairly regular basis I am asked by a divorced parent how old their child must be before they can choose which parent they want to live with.


or “Isn't it true that a 12 year old child can choose which parent to live with?” ... In my realistic and disgruntled approach, I want to say: “Children have no rights.


Some parents want to leave the custody battle up to the child, thus the question: How old does a child have to be to decide where and with which parent they ...


Oct 25, 2016 ... A child cannot choose which parent they want to live until they are 18-years-old. As they get older, however, their opinion can have a greater ...


When Can a Child Decide to Live With the Other Divorced Parent by ... For example, a 16-year-old might want to live with his father because his father has ...


The “child's right” to choose which parent to live with varies considerably from state to state. There seems to be a misconception among parents that there is a ...


May 27, 2016 ... In most families, the children will live with one parent and spend ... Do I Have To Choose Which Parent To Live With? ... But if you feel strongly about which parent you want to live with most of the time, you might want to talk ...


Nov 14, 2013 ... In this article, we will discuss a child's preference in custody, how a child chooses with which parent to live and when the child can make such a choice. ... More family law judges are choosing a direct approach and hearing from a child directly in chambers .... I have an attorney and want to make a change


Nov 22, 2013 ... At what age can a child decide where they want to live? ... to takes sides in their parents' dispute, i.e. to choose which parent has their loyalty.