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Retirement Planner: Benefits By Year Of Birth - Social Security


No matter what your full retirement age (also called "normal retirement age") is, you may start receiving benefits as early as age 62 or as late as age 70.

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Your full retirement age is 66. Remember, the earliest a person can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits will remain age 62. If you start receiving ...

Retirement Planner: Can You Take Your Benefits ... - Social Security


You can start your Social Security retirement benefits as early as age 62, but the benefit amount you receive will be less than your full retirement benefit amount.

When to take Social Security at age 62 - CNBC.com


Oct 20, 2016 ... Social Security is all about timing. The earliest you can claim your retirement benefits is 62, and more than 40 percent of workers opt to begin ...

3 Reasons It's Smart to Take Social Security Benefits at 62 -- The ...


Jan 30, 2015 ... Given how little of your income Social Security replaces in retirement, it may seem foolish to apply for benefits at 62 -- the earliest age you can ...

When It Makes Sense To Take Social Security Income At 62 - Forbes


Jan 24, 2014 ... If you take your benefit early, at age 62, you only receive about 75% of your ... In the year you reach your full Social Security age, you can earn up ... sense for at least one of them to wait until 70 and one to take benefits earlier.

Should You Start Social Security At Age 62 - The Balance


Jul 19, 2016 ... After all, age 62 is the earliest age you can begin drawing on Social Security benefits, and like many people, you are probably inclined to start ...

Should I Take Social Security Benefits Early, at Age 62 - AARP


Jul 25, 2012 ... But at 61, she's not planning on working anymore. Would it make any difference in the Social Security benefits she receives if she collects at 62, ...

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Nov 15, 2016 ... If you start taking Social Security at 62, rather than waiting until your full retirement age (FRA), you will receive reduced benefits. FRA ranges ...

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At what age can I start collecting Social Security benefits? Workers can begin receiving benefits at age 62, but your benefit will be greater if you wait until your full ...