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If your doctor orders lab work, ask if you should fast ... Fasting instructions. If ... I'm thirsty. Can I have something to drink? You may drink only water. Do not drink ...

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Jan 17, 2014 ... Your provider ordered blood work and you're gearing up to get it done. Here's what you should know and what to expect before, during, and after a blood test. ... Drinking water will not only make you feel better if you're fasting, ...

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Apr 15, 2015 ... Other than water, food and drinks that you consume can add to or alter ... Can I Drink Tea If Fasting for a Glucose Lipid Panel Blood Test?

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When you need to fast because you are supposed to have some lab tests, you ... Ask your healthcare provider if you need to fast before having a certain test done. ... Before asking yourself, "can I drink water when fasting," let's first find out why ...

What Is Fasting and Do I Need to Fast? : What is Fasting?


Fasting is when you consume no food or drinks, with the exception of water, for a set ... but because it's easier to draw blood from your veins when you're well hydrated. ... If you don't fast, or fast for a shorter time than prescribed, your tests could ... It's a good idea to bring along a snack so you can do so as soo...

Can I eat and drink before having a blood test? - Health questions ...


You can eat and drink as normal before some blood tests. ... Do not eat or drink anything except water for 8 to 10 hours before a fasting blood glucose test. ... Your GGT levels may be affected if you drink alcohol in the 24 hours before the test.

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May 5, 2009 ... I've been told to have nothing but water before a blood test. ... I'm a huge caffeine addict and I'm a menace on the road heading out first thing in the morning ... Ask him for the next time you have it done if it is okay for coffee. ... Q. Can I drink coffee (without the cream and sugar) before a fasting blo...

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It will seriously screw up your blood sugar and cholesterol/lipid profile results. ... If your doctor orders a fasting blood test, you should not have ...

Preparing for Diabetes Labs and Other Tests


How to prepare for a diagnostic test when you have diabetes. ... Stress can cause blood sugar levels to go up. ... If you're having a fasting test, you'll be asked to stop eating and drinking 8 to 10 hours before the test. ... Try to drink about 10 to 12 cups of water or other sugar-free, caffeine-free liquid the day before the ...

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You may be required to fast before having a blood test. This is ... If you are asked to fast for your test: ... Yes, you can drink water but not other kinds of drinks.

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If your doctor orders a fasting blood test, you should not have anything to eat or drink for 12 hours before you go to the laboratory to have your blood taken. Some examples of ... Can I drink water? Yes, you may drink small amounts of water.

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Some people think they should avoid water before a blood test, not only is ... And if urine tests are ordered along with blood tests, it will be easier for you to provide a sample. ... It's done after fasting, except water, for 9-12 hours to eliminate any ...

Fasting for Blood Tests: What Are the Rules? | New Health Advisor


Not all blood tests require fasting, so be sure to check with the doctor. ... There will be a change in your blood cholesterol and levels of triglycerides if you have the lab work done ... If your doctor has confirmed that you should not eat anything before the test, you ... It is important that you do not eat or drink anything but wate...