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If your friend is already in your contact list you can look for her or him in the search field ... If someone hasn't yet updated to the new AIM, we'll send them invitation to ... We've simplified buddy groupings into two new features: “Recent chats” and “Favorites. ... Does my conversation partner know when I go off the rec...

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I'm assuming this is an AIM instant messenger issue. .... The only people on my buddylist are people i know personally. .... If you don't like what the features of AIM allow, let AOL know, or use an alternative such as Trillian or GAIM. ... I hadn't realized in going on IM someone can access your IP and tap into ...

AIM graveyard: An ode to the chat app that defined my social life


May 17, 2015 ... Like many others currently in their mid-to-late 20s, I grew up listening to the constant sound of doors opening and closing — you know, the ...

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Dec 9, 2004 ... I'm getting an error that says "Your account is currently suspended" when I try to log into my ... Does anyone know what this error means and how I resolve it? ...... I cant sign into my buddy list, when I do it says "SIGN ON BLOCKED. ..... i can log in to AIM however when i try to IM someone aol says ...

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Feb 28, 2014 ... How do I use AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk/Jabber/XMPP, ICQ, or any … How do ... How can I unblock someone? ... Why are protocol icons not displayed in the buddy list and … ... Can I still see messages in a chat if I close the window? ... How does Pidgin for Windows determine which language to use?

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To get to AIM, open My Sidebar and clicking the Buddy List tab. ... These messages are different from email, because if your buddy has Instant Messenger .... If you know a friend's screen name, you can add him or her to your Buddy List immediately. ..... To turn off your away message, click "I'm Back", on the Buddy Li...

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Aug 25, 2008 ... Let's get one thing out of the way right up top: AIM on the iPhone is not going to be ... While you can edit your Buddy List and groups from the phone, I was ... the names of those who are logged in—there's no way to find out which offline ... If you want to send a message to someone who's not already on you...

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Sep 28, 2003 ... You can “add mobile” numbers to your buddy list just as easy as adding other AIM accounts. 1. ... to the phone number and I know that those people I send too have text messaging. ... in to my yahoo site….as if someone has changed my password and id! i ... Oh I'm talking about texting to a phone of course.

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Indeed, if I fire up iChat and login while Adium is logged in to AIM, Adium is knocked ... My AIM privacy settings are set that only those on my buddy list can see me. ... Please let me know what I can do to help -- I'm a POSIX programmer ( although .... Would someone mind contacting me via e-mail, point me to something that .....

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Mar 4, 2006 ... It's still rather amazing to me that you can't just delete AIM screen names ... We just don't know what it is. .... still gonna have ur sn on their buddies list, and if someone creates another account like urs ... one of my friends created me a aim account and i want it gone because i'm afraid my parents ...

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Someone mentioned to me at some point that such a thing exists, that ... And now I'm terribly curious, knowing there's a possiblity of finding ... So does anyone know if such a utility does exist, and if it does, where I can find it?

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Why does AIM ignore my option setting to dim buddies in my Buddy List after they 've been idle for 5 minutes? ... What can I do about someone I don't know who keeps sending me messages? ... How does the "I'm Away Message" feature work ? ... If your buddy is an AOL member, remember to enter just your buddy's scree...

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Apr 4, 2012 ... So while AOL will still exist, no further growth or development will be made. ... And then if you left someone out they'd be sooooo mad. 4. ... Categorizing your friends in your buddy lists and giving the buddy lists funny names. ... @jeffespo Check out the AIM story by @ChrisGethard on This American Life.