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It is important to remember that you do not have to be a convicted criminal to be denied a passport. While a criminal record will not prevent you from obtaining a ...


The State Department can also refuse to issue a passport if you have an ... if you have been ruled legally incompetent, are subject to felony arrest or have been ...


Depending on the conviction, a criminal record may prevent you from obtaining a passport. Learn which offenses will disqualify you.


U.S. Passports & International Travel .... FBI RECORDS CHECK: The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division of the Federal ... The U.S. Department of State Authentications Office can then place an apostille document ... GETTING YOUR FINGERPRINTS TAKEN: U.S. citizens should be able to obtain fingerprint ...


How to get a passport for a convicted felon would depend on the type of crime that was committed by the felon. Ex-felons can get a passport but the applicant is  ...


Mar 17, 2016 ... There are only very limited circumstances in which US citizens with criminal records can be denied passports or have their passports revoked.


Nov 9, 2016 ... Most people with a criminal record can still apply to obtain a passport as long as their terms of sentencing do not deny them the right to one.


Jan 2, 2015 ... A conviction can restrict a U.S. citizen's freedom to travel outside the United ... persons who apply and are rejected based on criminal history may find ... their passport for admission generally do not screen for a criminal record.


Details of your criminal record are not shown when your passport is scanned. The only time ... Immigration officials can only find your criminal records if the country where you committed the crime agreed to share criminal information with your ...


Nov 10, 2009 ... What Is a Passport and Can I Get One? A passport is a means of identification used for international travel. It is not a criminal record check.