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African dwarf frogs or dwarf clawed frogs, genus Hymenochirus, are small aquatic frogs native ... When young, African dwarf frogs can be mistaken and sold as African clawed frogs, of the genus Xenop...

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Playing with your African Dwarf Frogs and giving them enrichment helps keep... ... Using a turkey baster, put your frog's food at the tip, and hold it a little bit over the frog's head. Eventually, the .... Can I put my finger in the water to play with it?

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Feb 6, 2012 ... Can a tank heater harm my African Dwarf Frog or is it safe to put into its .... your leaky terrarium can hold 5 or so gals. you're 11 go get a tube of ...

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I have recently caught my 2 frogs "hugging" i looked into it, and ... African Dwarf Frogs in the Amphibians forums, part of the Our Other ... Will only a male and a female frog hold onto each other? .... I know it seems excessive but there are diseases such as Chytridiomycosis frogs can pass to one another.

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CDC Warns That Water Frogs Can Make Your Child Sick. African dwarf frog. Virginia Ortiz had no idea that the two African dwarf frogs in her great aunt's ...

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African Dwarf Frogs originated in the rivers and stream of central Africa. These fully aquatic amphibians never need to leave the water. African Dwarf Frogs can  ...

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Apr 17, 2011 ... African dwarf frogs (also known as Congo frogs, dwarf African clawed ... that hold up to 10 gallons of water- and they're perfect for african dwarf frogs! ... African dwarf frogs are small, and shouldn't be overfed as this can cause a lot ..... I had a couple of fish in my tank along with an African dwarf frog a...

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Question: I want to breed my dwarf frogs and you say that the tadpoles need Infusoria. What is Infusoria and ... If a heavy object can topple over there is a risk that a frog can get caught under it and be injured or drowned. .... She wants to hold it.

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They can not be out of water for more than a few seconds or they will die!!!! I have two ... How Do You Know A African Dwarf Frog Is A Girl Or Boy? Amphibians ... How do I tell my boyfriend that he doesn't satisfy me when he thinks he does?

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I feel confident I want to get a dwarf frog for my son now because I know how to ... African dwarf frogs are hardy creatures and they can withstand a variety of tank ...

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I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. ... Granted, you can't feed them fishflakes (they only eat food that sinks to the bottom of the tank!) ...

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African Dwarf frogs can be kept in a wide range of pH's. I keep my dwarf frog tank at a neutral pH of 7.0-7.2. Weekly water changes should be done to ensure ...

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A frog aquarium should hold 4-8 litres (1-2 gallons) of water for each African Dwarf frog. This gives each ... Although these frogs can be kept with some docile tropical fish, African ... Should I Have My Frogs Tested For Salmonella? No. There is ...