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I am having symptoms of pregnancy but I am having a period. It says I am four weeks. I need help.


Meaning if you have your period like you always due and then find out tht you were pregnant the whole time.


Find out why it's not possible to have your period when you're pregnant and ... Some even report intermittent bleeding that seems like a regular period to them.


The general rule is that if you had a regular period then you are not pregnant. Being pregnant even though you just had your period is a rare exception, not the  ...


Aug 20, 2007 ... I know I have heard it a million times you can not get your period and be pregnant . What about the possibility of getting pregnant on say the eve ...


3 Ways You Can Be Pregnant and Still Get a Period 2077 ... It should also be noted that even if there is bleeding when your period is due, if you are pregnant,  ...


If you are asking whether or not you can get pregnant after five days of menstruation, the answer is yes. While you are menstruating, your ovary is busy maturing the ...


Rosalina*. After a girl is pregnant, she no longer gets her period. ... If you think you might be pregnant and have pain or bleeding, call the doctor right away. If you ...


Feb 28, 2017 ... Can I be pregnant and still have a period? Pregnant women can have ... not pregnant. Learn more about getting pregnant while on your period.


I just can't shake this feeling I'm pregnant even tho I had a wee sample ... I still spotted every time my period was due for a couple of days until I ...