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AOL Instant Messenger


AIM's popularity steeply degraded at the end of the decade, and its fall has often been ... This does not include other instant messaging software related to or ... other unsuspecting users on t...

What is buddy list? - Definition from WhatIs.com - SearchSOA


A buddy list can be used to see who is offline, who is online, who is online but away from their computer, who has their phone turned off, who has their phone ...

The Buddy List | North American Birding


Aug 19, 2011 ... There is the only rule: you and your buddy have to see the same bird ... list, I had to stay on the bird until he got there and could see it with me.

Buddies - The Fantage Wiki! - Wikia


In Fantage, your friends are called buddies. There are many things you could do with buddies. You can see how much buddies you have on your buddy list.

See people's online status - Hangouts Help - the Google Help Center


You can also manage your contacts list to pin specific people to the top of the list or hide others. ... Available: You can tell that someone is available on Hangouts on their ... These people could be idle, have their last-seen setting or notifications  ...

Messages (El Capitan): Set your status - Apple


Sep 30, 2015 ... You can set your Messages status so that others who send you messages or have you in their buddy lists can see whether you're available to ...

Who are these "friends" in my buddy list?! - The Spotify Community


for instance, does the settings sync, or do I have to check them every time I use a new ... Do the people having me in their list when I was in Facebook still see my ...

iMessage is Offline | Apple Support Communities


Sep 22, 2012 ... I see 17 others have marked this as having the same issue. ... The Buddies List is then a combined list and can be separated in the General section of the Preferences. Essentially the Messages Window sits there doing nothing. .... The only thing that will allow me to appear as Available is if I enable Bonjour.

Protocol Specific Questions – Pidgin

developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Protocol Specific Questions

Jun 10, 2015 ... Is there a way to make Pidgin automatically authenticate/identify meCan I hide ... What does "Has You" in the buddy list tooltip mean?

Bingo Buddies List – Help - Sky Bingo


You have a personal "Buddies List" which is always on view in bingo and appears ... When a player appears on your Buddies List you can see at a glance their ...

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How do I manage my Buddy List/IM settings in the AOL software ...


Oct 6, 2015 ... The AOL Buddy List/IM settings allow you to customize the display of your ... Allow other members to see when I have been idle after 20 minutes: .... Cannot view me on their Buddy List window: The users you block will not see ...

Program that lets you see whose AIM Buddy Lists you're on ...


Someone mentioned to me at some point that such a thing exists, that would allow you to see what AIM users have you on their Buddy List. ... So does anyone know if such a utility does exist, and if it does, where I can find it?

Google Answers: How do I know if a buddy is blocking me?


Finding out if someone is blocking you is fairly easy. ... can always ask a friend to add X person to their list.... and see if they get online or not.

Managing Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) Buddy Lists? - Ask Dave ...


Thanks to Mya Leigh for her help with this question. ... How would I know if my I have been deleted or blocked from my friend's list? ... Please if you would take the time to help me find this ignore list and eliminate all the people that might be on ...

How do I add people to my Buddy List in iChat? » Chat ...


Chat & Conferencing » Mac » Tech Ease: Your Buddy List allows you to see which of your ... There will be an option for the default buddy list (which has your .