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Google Answers: How do I know if a buddy is blocking me?


Finding out if someone is blocking you is fairly easy. ... can always ask a friend to add X person to their list.... and see if they get online or not.

Program that lets you see whose AIM Buddy Lists you're on ...


Someone mentioned to me at some point that such a thing exists, that would allow you to see what AIM users have you on their Buddy List. ... So does anyone know if such a utility does exist, and if it does, where I can find it?

What happens when I remove someone from my Skype contacts ...


This is a question that I was curious about myself, so I removed my wife from my contact list to ... Your name stays on her contact list,; If you had a picture, it is replaced with a generic ... On Skype, do you know if someone else has removed you from their contacts? ... Can any of my Skype contacts see my other contacts?

What Happens When You Are Invisible on AIM? | Chron.com


When you create a new AIM account, you have the option to add people that you' d ... Because your friends can also see your username in their Buddy Lists, they ...

Managing Yahoo Instant Messenger (YIM) Buddy Lists? - Ask Dave ...


Dec 26, 2005 ... I have a few questions about Yahoo! messenger (YIM), since they don't ... is let's say that I have allowed someone to put me on their buddies list ... How would I know if my I have been deleted or blocked from my friend's list?

Facebook's Relevance-Filtered Chat Buddy List, or, Why Users Don't ...


Aug 8, 2011 ... You can only determine if the rest of your friends are available to Chat by searching for them one by one. ... We asked Facebook why Chat has been redesigned like this, and ... Then let users click to view their full buddy list.

Inviting someone to chat - Chat Help - Google Help


Chatting with AIM buddies is only available in Gmail. ... Your friend will see the invitation above their chat list asking if they'd like to be able to chat with you.

What is buddy list? - Definition from WhatIs.com - SearchSOA


A buddy list can be used to see who is offline, who is online, who is online but away from their computer, who has their phone turned off, who has their phone ...

Get started in the new Yahoo Messenger | Yahoo Help - SLN26860


Why is Yahoo Messenger asking me to confirm my profile? The first time you use the new ... Where's my buddy list? ... How can I tell if someone is online or not?

Detect invisible users on Yahoo Messenger | Invisible Detector ...


After you have detected invisible messenger users you can also keep them in your buddy list if you want to check their yahoo status again later on with our ...

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Watch list / Buddy list changes - Player Features and Ideas ...


List of activities they have nerfed due to this change. ... good idea to add aggressors and defenders so you could see their online status who you ... I might of added some people to my watch list but other may not of added me back. ... Locator agents can now tell us the online/offline status of players; Locator ...

How to Block and Unblock a Buddy on Imo.Im: 7 Steps


If you want to unblock someone, you can open your list of blocked contacts and remove them from it. ... How can I tell if someone has blocked me? wikiHow ...

How do I add people to my Buddy List in iChat? » Chat ...


Chat & Conferencing » Mac » Tech Ease: Your Buddy List allows you to see which of your ... There will be an option for the default buddy list (which has your .