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Have you ever wondered to yourself, "If a baking recipe calls for shortening, can I use butter or margarine instead?" If so, you're not alone. Shortening and butter ...


Vegetable shortening (such as Crisco) contains no water, while butter does, so it takes slightly more butter to accomplish the job: for every one cup of shortening, ...


One of the cake recipes on F52 calls for it and I do no twant to use crisco. What would be the ... yes, you can use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening.


Nov 16, 2016 ... Vegetable shortening can be a mysterious ingredient. ... Growing up, I always reached for a trusty kitchen staple instead: butter. .... be certain cases when it just makes more sense to use butter, like in a classic cake perhaps.


Dec 12, 2014 ... Butter and shortening can generally be substituted for each other in cookie ... fat than shortening, you'll need to use more of it as a substitution.


Jun 8, 2015 ... Substitute ratio when using butter instead of shortening. up vote 3 down vote favorite. How much butter should be used to use as a substitute for 1/2 cup of ... for precision, you can also substitute 1:1 and use 1/2 cup of butter.


Many of my older recipes for cakes and cookies call for shortening. It seems that today's recipes use mostly butter or margarine. Can these be substituted for ...


If the recipe calls for 3/4 cups vegetable shortening can I use butter and if so how ... Yes, in most instances you can use butter or margarine in place of vegetable ...


Almost every baking recipe calls for some kind of fat to be added to retain the moisture, flavor and texture of the baked good. This can take the form of oil, ...